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Dr. Medha Bhave (Khair)

M.S., D.N.B., M.Ch., D.N.B.

Know the Woman Who Has Changed the Face of Cosmetic Surgery in India.

Two years of dedication, commitment and hard work has made Dr. Medha a renowned national & international plastic surgeons. Her thesis on Liposuction & Body Contour is a pioneering work in the related field. It is a path-breaking work in Indian plastic surgery as well as medical science.

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For our clients we are committed to bringing together natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly and therapeutic co-friendly products with our highly skilled and caring technicians.

Can liposuction be used as a weight loss method?

Liposuction is used to get rid of isolated areas of fat which are resistant to diet and/or exercise regimens. Weight loss is achieved as the fat removed does have mass.

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Will I be wearing any special garments after the surgery?

Yes. When you wake up after the procedure, a garment will be put on the treated areas.

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