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An Overview On Skin Lumps & Bumps: Insights By An Expert

An Overview On Skin Lumps & Bumps: Insights By An Expert 17 Oct 2023

Most of us would be concerned if we discovered a new lump or bump on our bodies. Okay! Is there something wrong with your health? Google it! This is the usual thing that an individual does. However, consider this. Is it possible that an online search compares with the opinion given to you by your doctor? After all, a doctor has completely examined you and taken a full history, gone through your previous reports, considered the information in the light of his decades of experience and based on a study of the relevant textbooks. No way! The answer is obvious: customized opinions tailor-made for you by a professional can never be substituted by just an online search. So, it is fine to use the Internet to get information, but approaching a professional for proper treatment is a wiser decision.

In this blog, we are going to consider the various types of lumps that appear on the body. There are many types of such lumps. One such common type are the sebaceous cyst, and lipoma. Let’s start by learning about sebaceous cyst. 

What is a Sebaceous Cyst?

This is a rounded lump in the skin. It may appear on the face, back, chest wall, shoulders or even on the top of the head. These lumps are painless in the beginning. They go on growing gradually and will start lifting up the skin. Sometimes, you may see a tiny hole on top. Gradually, the colour might change to a bluish tinge. Many times, your family doctor will tell you not to worry and that it is just a simple cyst. This is more to reassure you that it doesn't appear to be a cancer and is mostly harmless. It is also because the doctor knows no one wants surgery if they can help it.

How Does a Sebaceous Cyst Form?

A sebaceous cyst is actually a lump made from an oil gland. There are thousands of oil glands in the skin in order to keep the skin soft and prevent cracks. Openings of these oil glands are tiny holes in the skin from where the oil spreads. 

  • In case this opening gets blocked, then the oil, known as sebum, accumulates within the gland. Gradually, it becomes firm in consistency, and the gland begins to swell up. 
  • The consistency of the trapped oil becomes firm, like toothpaste. In case bacteria manage to enter this gland, then after pus formation, the lump becomes red, inflamed and painful. 
  • Before such bacterial infection has occurred, it is possible to remove the cyst under local anesthesia with a very small incision. The whole sebaceous cyst is easy to remove in its original condition. 

Note: If you visit a plastic surgeon for this treatment, you will get away with a very minimal scar.

What Happens During the Removal Time?

Once, however, the gland gets infected, it gets stuck on all sides and becomes difficult to extract. Some bleeding may occur during extraction. Antibiotics have to be taken. Definitely, it is much better to remove a sebaceous cyst when it is small and uninfected. 

  • The diagnosis of the sebaceous cyst is confirmed by ultrasound, and basic blood tests such as hemoglobin, clotting tests and blood sugar are sufficient for preoperative checkups. 
  • This is an OPD procedure. It is especially advantageous to remove cysts in time if you have diabetes or other underlying illness before it develops any complications. 


Lipomas are painless lumps of fat under the skin, which are often very mobile and have lobulated surfaces. If such lumps are present at many places on the body, the condition is known as multiple lipomatosis. 

  • Some families have a hereditary tendency to develop these. Sometimes, they occur at prominent visible locations and have to be removed. They may occur on top of some nerves and cause tingling sensations after they grow. 
  • Rarely a lipoma can turn malignant. It is wiser to remove the particularly large, inconvenient or prominently visible lipomas. 
  • Trying to remove all lipomas becomes expensive, difficult and unnecessary. People with lipomas tend to develop more such lumps later. 

Note: There is no diet or medicine that can prevent or cure this condition. So do remember, a stitch in time does save nine later, and do not allow exaggerated fears to delay treatments for lumps and bumps! 


According to the expert, the majority of benign skin bumps or lumps are not dangerous. Skin tags, cysts, and lipomas, on the other hand, can be uncomfortable if they are noticeable (like on the face), catch on clothing (like an unfortunate location skin tag), or become irritated and sensitive (like a cyst). Attempting to drain or remove a skin lump at home increases the risk of complications such as bleeding or infection. Thus, it would help if you considered getting it treated by an expert plastic surgeon on time. To do so, you can book a consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon in Thane, Mumbai, Dr. Medha Bhave, at Lasercosmesis Clinic. 


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