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Body Hair Reduction Treatment

Unwanted hair is a melody faced by not only women but men also.

The unwanted natural hair is present all over the body and mostly in body areas like forearms, legs, and back of many women and men. Usually, these natural hair are not acceptable to women. They often opt for traditional methods of hair removal like waxing or shaving to have a clean look. The same is true for the chest hair of uber or metrosexual men of 21st century. This is because the hair imparts an unclean appearance with a dark hue to the skin.

Many women and men who go for swimming or to the gym with sleeveless clothes think of armpit hair as a nuisance due to appearance and the odour generated. Axilla has a hormonally affected sweat gland. When the sweat stays there due to a thicket of hair, the person sweats, the clothes get stained, and stinks.
The coarse, thick hair on the back of men who ride bikes get loose and fall along the central troughof the back. They behave like a needle and pierce the delicate skin in the but-tock cleft. They can stay lodged or penetrate deeper, leading to the formation of a track called a pilonidal sinus. This can develop into a painful pus accumulation and become a lingering issue that requires an operation. The operation can provide a permanent relief only if the root cause is uprooted-by getting a hair reduction.

There are some unwanted un-natural hair too. Many women develop hair growth in the beard and mustache area. The commonest cause is hormonal imbalance during puberty- when the girl starts having periods or around the menopause or when the periods slowly cease. It is quite an embarrassing situation, especially for a young girl who wants to look beautiful in her teens and twenties. Some of these girls suffer from a condition called PCOS (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome). They are overweight, have acne and unwanted hair on the chin, upper lip, cheeks, sideburns, etc.

The conjoined eyebrows are considered a sign of luck by some. but most do not like that look. Too thick and bushy eyebrows are not appreciated in men, leave alone women.


Waxing, shaving, threading are temporary and painful options. Shaving needs to be a daily ordeal. There can be rashes and infection after shaving, especially if hygiene is not followed.
Waxing and threading are painful. It is estimated that a woman needs to wax more than 10,000 times in her lifetime. The pain and expense can be imagined. Other side effects like the formation of boils and ingrown hair, allergy to the wax can be troublesome and inconvenient.

The need for repeated treatments for years is a hassle for everyone. Laser hair reduction is a painless way to get rid of 90% of the hair with a few sittings within a span of 8-14 months. It is important to visit a doctor’s clinic for the service because only doctors can use medical grade machines. These machines are very effective and require skill, at least supervision of the doctors. Occasionally if there are minor side effects, doctors can treat them.

The most important reason to visit a doctor for permanent hair reduction is that the doctors first diagnose the reason for the hair growth, followed by treatment of the cause with appropriate medicines. Only then the treatment is started. You need not waste your money on unnecessary sittings.


After your tests are done to make sure there is no treatable condition like PCOS, you can take an appointment for hair reduction services.

You need to shave just before the treatment. We cleanse the skin, apply a cooling gel, and ask you to wear eye protection. We deliver the treatment with settings customized to you part, skin type, colour texture, and hair thickness. The customization is done after observing you separately for each sitting. A cool compress is given for a few minutes.

Then you can walk out. This is indeed a lunchtime procedure. Between the sittings, you are asked to apply a lotion to reduce hair growth.

6-10 sittings are needed for 90% permanent reduction. The residual growth is weak, soft, and pale, thus negligible. Laser hair reduction improves the quality of the skin as well.

If you want to be ready for your big day, you should start hair removal a minimum 6 months in advance.


Hair reduction can be an option for people with abnormal hair growth on the:

  • Cheeks
  • Upper lip
  • Chin
  • Neck and below the jaw
  • Thick, bushy, or conjoined eyebrows.

People with excessive hair on their:

  • Chest
  • Back
  • Legs
  • Armpits
  • Arms and forearm
  • Bikini line.

The other options for hair removal are waxing, threading, and shaving.


At Lasercosmesis, we have two hair reduction technologies. We often combine them for a complete hair removal.

Legato QZ diode laser: It is a state of the art 810nm diode laser with a self-cooling sapphire tip that is effective for various skin types. It is also equipped with dual technology:

• A fast hair removal mode for large parts for quick and effective hair removal (FHR).
• A smooth hair removal mode for delicate parts like the face and bikini line where it is effective yet spares any damage to the skin.

Both treatments are painless, quick, and without any downtime. You may feel a slight stinging sensation as the treatment goes on. There can sometimes be very mild redness.

IPL: Intense pulsed light has been found to be effective in cases where some weak growth continues even after diode laser treatment. It is equally painless and can cover large as well as small parts equally well. It can be a good choice for bikini line and under arms due to large spot size of the delivery head.

FAQs Body Hair Reduction Treatment

What about grey hair?

The laser targets the black pigment called melanin. The grey hair cannot be treated effectively with current lasers unless black carbon pigment is used to colour them. It is best not to wait till hair turns grey to get the reduction services.

What are the pre and post-operative care?

Before the service, you should not have undergone waxing or threading. Go for shaving instead. The notion that shaving increases hair growth is not correct. It does not make the skin rough and thick, as believed by many. Instead, it makes it smooth. It would be best if you used sunscreen after the treatment, and a hair growth reducing lotion is also applied twice a day on the treated area. Rarely if there is redness of the area or superficial burns, you may need to use antiseptic lotion. Do not go for waxing or threading between the treatments. Take your medication regularly, especially if you have PCOS. There is nil downtime associated with the treatment.

To avail, this treatment benefits visit today at Lasercosmesis.

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