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Gone forever is the era where people had to accept the unwanted features, deformities, or ravages of aging upon their bodies. The evolution of cosmetic and plastic surgery has made it possible to reshape, enhance, and sculpt the human body and make it healthier and more beautiful. Getting a slim, toned, and fit look, with healthy muscle development and attractive shape, is most people’s dream, and nowadays, we often see many men and women of all ages working towards such goals. However, sometimes proper diet, lifestyle change, and exercise do not always help get the desired results.

In such a case, cosmetic surgery provides the best solutions. Lifestyle change alone may not help to get rid of the fat bulges along the upper arms or thighs. Neither a bulging belly nor the unwanted folds of fat on the trunk may improve despite genuine dietary effort and exercise. This can lead to depression, guilt, and frustration, wherein the patient blames them and considers them a failure. Liposuction can be a true game-changer in many people’s lives, helping them eliminate undesirable fat, reduce the excess inches, and enable them to exercise easily and sets them on the path to health, confidence, and happiness.

Sometimes, however, even liposuction may not suffice to treat cases where large folds or aprons of fat have developed on the tummy, and then tummy tuck needs to be done to get a toned abdominal shape. Whether the problem has started after delivery, abdominal operations, or simply due to hormonal effects and dietary indiscretion, cosmetic surgery comes to the rescue. Men, too, can derive benefits from well-judged liposuction to reduce the pot-belly problem, provided most of the fat is superficial and not deep visceral.

Laser Cosmetic experts have a wealth of experience in liposuction and have published nationally acclaimed research papers on a tummy tuck. Sometimes, boys may develop enlarged, feminine-looking breasts- a condition called gynecomastia, which can be perfectly corrected by cosmetic surgery. Many men and occasionally even women who love body-building now can get sculpted six-packs and the coveted V shape via cosmetic surgery.

Women who wish to improve their bosom contour size or shape will find a comprehensive and futuristic approach to treatment at Laser Cosmesis. Using the latest Chrisalix software, 3-dimensional images of the current shape and the projected shape after a planned breast reshaping surgery can be visualised! Though this does not guarantee exact results, it helps the doctor and the patient to be on the same page as far as the requirements and possibilities of outcome are concerned. It is a language to understand each other better.

The latest beauty procedures that have originated in different countries, such as Brazilian Butt Lift, are also offered at Laser Cosmesis. Our power-assisted machine allows us to use the expansion vibration technique that gives the state of the art results with better safety. Another important treatment is body contouring after massive weight loss. These major procedures are undertaken with improved safety in our ICU backed, and physician monitored operative facility.

Liposuction Surgery in Thane

Liposuction Surgery Cost in Thane

Flaunt your curves and remove unwanted pockets of fat with the advanced body contouring liposuction surgery in Thane! "Oh, you've lost weight! Looking so slim and fit!" These are the magic words... Read more

BodyTite Treatment in Thane


Move over, mommy makeover. It's time for Granny Makeover! Are you over 45 years old and unhappy about your jelly belly, thunder thighs, or oversized arms? Are you looking for a treatment... Read more

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Thane

Lasercosmesis offers the best Tummy Tuck Surgery in Mumbai that not only makes one look slim and shapely but fit too.

A flat tummy is attractive because it exudes youth, activeness, and health. Many women and men start developing a belly, fondly alluded to as “prosperity paunch.” But when it comes... Read more

Mommy Makeover Surgery in Thane

Mommy Makeover Surgery Cost in Mumbai varies patient to patient and depends on the individuals expectation with the surgery.

Receiving your bundle of joy after the pregnancy washes away all the discomforts and troubles faced during pregnancy. After the baby starts growing up as one starts resuming their routine... Read more

Breast Augmentation in Thane

Brest Implant Surgery in Thane

Beautiful breas-ts are a symbol of femininity. The female hormone, estrogen, is the reason for the blossoming of the female physical secondary sexual characteristics. A beautiful physique is a signal... Read more

Breas-t Reduction Surgery in Thane

Breas-t Reduction Surgery in Thane

Young or older mothers, or sometimes even teenagers, approach a doctor with complaints like shoulder pain, upper body ache, irritation and rashes under the bosom, and some time with the... Read more

Gynecomastia Surgery in Thane

Laser Cosmesis offers an effective Gynecomastia Surgery in Thane to correct enlarged or over-developed male breas-ts.

Gynecomastia or male breas-t reduction surgery involves the surgical correction of enlarged or over-developed male breas-ts. This condition is basically present from birth. It becomes prominent when the boys start... Read more

Axillary Breas-t Removal Surgery in Thane

Axillary Breas-t Removal Surgery in Thane

An armpit lump can develop in both men and women. These lumps can be collections of fat or extra breas-t tissue that extends into the armpit. In our country, even... Read more

Non Surgical Weight Loss Treatment

Laser Cosmesis offers the best Non Surgical Weight Loss Treatment in Thane to  individuals for a correct body weight.

Trying to control body weight is a difficult task. People all over the world have been frustrated with their attempts to lose weight. A great variety of different methods... Read more

Granny Makeover Surgery in Mumbai

Granny Makeover Surgery in Mumbai

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What is TULUA Tummy Tuck ?

What is TULUA tummy tuck ?

This is a new idea innovated by colombian plastic surgeon Dr. Villegas. It involves Removal of all skin, fat and naval below the level of naval. A 360 degree liposuction of... Read more

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Dr. Medha Bhave

MCh - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, DNB - Plastic Surgery,
MS - General Surgery, DNB - General Surgery, MBBS

Dr. Medha Bhave (Khair) is a renowned plastic surgeon practising in Thane since 1996. Dr Medha was born and brought up in the academic city of Pune. She has graduated from the Prestigious B J Medical college, Pune and was amongst the top 10 in her batch. She chose to pursue her career in surgery and did her Masters in General Surgery when very few women made that choice due to the demanding nature of this career.

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Dr. Medha Bhave

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