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Breas-t Augmentation in Thane

Beautiful breas-ts are a symbol of femininity. The female hormone, estrogen, is the reason for the blossoming of the female physical secondary sexual characteristics. A beautiful physique is a signal of health and fertility, thus building bonds with a potential companion!

Breas-ts are often a source of concern for many women, particularly when they are not of the size or shape a woman wants. Breas-t augmentation with implants and fat is the most popular method that enlarges and adds fullness to the breas-ts.


Breas-t augmentation is a popular surgical procedure that helps increase the shape and size of the breas-ts. This procedure involves the placement of an implant either behind the breas-t tissue or under the chest wall muscle called pectoralis major muscle. This insertion of the implant will push the breas-t tissue forward and make the breas-t look larger and fuller. Another popular technique of breas-t augmentation is with fat tissues. In this process, unwanted fat is taken out from one region of the body and is processed and injected into the breas-ts to achieve the desired size and shape. This treatment also helps one to get defined, beautiful and natural-looking breas-ts. This procedure requires more than one surgical sittings, though.

For a great experience and beautiful results, one must always choose a plastic surgeon who is an expert, experienced, and personally committed to tailored results. At Lasercosmesis, our philosophy has been based on the realization that true beauty and attractiveness have their foundations in good health.


Implants come in several sizes and shapes. Experts at Lasercosmesis will help you choose the most suitable implants according to your body profile. The size of the base and height of the implant is to be selected with care. If a very large implant is used, it will create a load on your shoulders, and it may tend to sag in the future. Hence a moderate-sized implant suitable according to one’s body will be recommended.

At Lasercosmesis, we will discuss the shapes and textures available and let you make an informed decision.

The implants can have texture, or they can be smooth. The smooth implants can sometimes cause capsule formation and tightness around it. The textured ones are associated with a very rare possibility of implant-associated large cell lymphoma. Both nano-textured and smooth implants are widely used in the world by plastic surgeons.

Nowadays, sophisticated software is available that use computer simulation to predict how the implants will look after inserting different types and sizes of implants!

This enables you and your surgeon to visualize how you are going to look after the operation when all post-operative swelling has settled. Then you can discuss with the surgeon and choose a suitable implant. Another useful thing is to go through some pre and post-operative photographs of patients who have undergone such procedures that help choose the best implant type. At Lasercosmesis, we offer 3-D simulation to choose the best size of implant and type of surgery. This gives you clarity of results post-operatively, although exactly the same result cannot be guaranteed.

Why choose Lasercosmesis for Breas-t Augmentation?

  • 3D projection of results of surgical procedures. So that proper size, approach, and additional procedures can be chosen with the help of simulation.
  • High quality branded implants from reputed companies available.
  • Addition of fat grafting when needed.
  • Natural results.
  • All types of advanced lasers for scar reduction.
  • Experienced team.
  • All women teams are available at request.
  • Fully equipped hospital set up for difficult and major operations.
  • Continued support and evaluation.


  • Improves breas-t symmetry.
  • Boost self-esteem and confidence.
  • Improve abnormally small breas-ts.
  • Implants help one to look younger.
  • Make one feel more youthful.
  • Clothes better fit after breas-t augmentation.
  • Improve breas-t shape and symmetry after childbirth.
  • Implants help restore breas-t symmetry after a mastectomy.
  • This technique enhances breas-t symmetry, projection, and cleavage.
  • Implants improve saggy breas-ts that have lost their firmness due to weight loss.


There are three main methods utilized to augment the breas-ts. This involves the use of implants, breas-t lift, and fat injection. These treatments can also be combined judiciously to get the final result.

Breas-t implants method has been used for decades by many plastic surgeons. Technology has moved on to gel-filled silicone implants with surface texture from the older types of implants, further evolving to nano-textured or smooth implants. They can be inserted under the muscle which sits below the breas-t tissue, or above it. The surgeon determines the proper incision and implant placement according to individual body anatomy. Three different incision locations can be used to insert the implant, such as through the armpit, the areola, or the crease under the breas-t.

All incisions are placed to make them as invisible as possible. The latest techniques involve the strategic placement of implants in the upper pole under the muscle while the lower part is sitting upon the muscle, which gives a beautiful fullness to the upper part. This is called dual plane augmentation. Another way is to insert it under a tissue sheet that separates the breas-t and muscle called the subfascial approach. Once the implant has been positioned, the incisions will be closed. If the breas-t tissue is very thin, it is advisable to place the implant under the chest wall muscle named pectoralis major.

With time and especially after pregnancy and breas-tfeeding, sometimes the breas-ts also become heavy, and they also lose their elasticity and become sag with the effects of gravity. In such situations, breas-t lift and enhancement with own breas-t tissue or implant are done. This is called aug-pexy when the implant is used for better fullness in the upper part.

Transfer of the patient's own fat tissue from their abdominal or thigh region to the breas-t is also one of the newer techniques to give the desired fullness to the upper part and create a lovely cleavage line. This is called the fat transfer technique and is the best option for people who do not want to insert foreign material in their bodies. Women who are thin are not candidates as there is not enough fat to transfer. This technique is the best option for breas-t reconstruction if somebody has a lumpectomy or people who want to correct defects like uneven breas-ts. It is the best and effective correction option for misshapen or underdeveloped breas-ts due to genetic problems such as tuberous breas-t or Poland syndrome.


Implants are inserted inside millions of women worldwide without any problems later in life. There was a concern raised whether some ladies developed disorders like arthritis, years after having implants placed. Careful studies showed that there was no relationship between the procedure and the development of any disease.

A few women develop a thick capsule around the implant after a few years. Within those capsules, they sometimes can develop a tissue growth called ALCL, a type of tumor that grows locally and causes local swelling and hardness. However, this is rare and hardly ever seen in Indian women. It is not a breas-t tissue cancer but cancer due to irritation by the implant material limited to the capsule. It is treatable by removing the implant and the capsule. Obviously, early detection is important. Implants are safe and popular operations are regularly performed all over the world. At Lasercosmesis, we use the best quality branded and FDA approved implants.


There is some soreness and discomfort for the first one or two days, but it's manageable with medicines. Stitches are usually dissolving type, and the dressing and checkup are done by the 5th day after surgery. If non-dissolving stitches are used, they are removed after two weeks. The patient is advised not to do any strenuous exercise or stretching for 6 weeks. The patient is advised not to sleep on one side for 3 weeks, and one should avoid sleeping face down for 6 weeks.

Wearing a sports bra or customized support bra for 6 weeks is very useful since it will support and protect your figure.


Initially, the elevated shape will feel unfamiliar, and the chest may feel somewhat hard and shoulders heavy, but this will gradually settle. One can see the best results after a few weeks as the swelling subsides and the skin stretches. Scars initially feel firm and seem prominent but gradually heal and settle down nicely. They are often placed under the breas-ts so as to be inconspicuous.


Genetic factors, nutritional deficiencies, or other health reasons are the major factors that cause underdevelopment of breas-ts. For such candidates, breas-t augmentation surgery is an ideal option to get a defined chest profile.

Many women may consider having enlarged breas-ts for several reasons:

  • Women above 18 years of age.
  • Women who see themselves unhappy with their figure.
  • Women who are in a good state of health.
  • Women unhappy with their small breas-ts size.
  • Women who want to correct and balance asymmetrical breas-ts.
  • Women who want to correct a reduction in breas-t volume after pregnancy.
  • Women who want to make their breas-ts more proportionate with the body.
  • Women who want to reconstruct the breas-t contour after breas-t removal surgery (mastectomy).


An essential test is mammography of the breas-t to check the presence of any disease of the breas-t. This is the baseline test. The report is also used as a reference in case any problem arises in the breas-t tissues later.

Other than that, you are evaluated for your physical fitness to undergo surgery under anesthesia. Safety is paramount at Lasercosmesis. Basic blood tests, X-rays of the chest, and ECG tests are performed to ensure one is fit to undergo the surgical procedure. The surgeon also checks for current patient medicines, medical history, and one should also stop the consumption of blood thinners before surgery. Smoking has to be stopped at least 3 weeks before any surgery.

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