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Breast Reduction

Young or older mothers, or sometimes even teenagers, approach a doctor with complaints like shoulder pain, upper body ache, irritation and rashes under the bosom, and some time with the inability to undertake high impact exercises like jogging or aerobics. The most common reason for all these problems is disproportionately large bosoms. There is no doubt that curves make a woman beautiful. But when the breast size and proportion are not correct according to the body profile, then the size becomes bothersome, and women look for a respite and best treatment options to correct this condition. In many younger girls, enlarged breasts often cause loss of self-confidence due to a disproportionate body profile.


There are many procedures described for the reduction of the large breasts. The plastic surgeon looks at one's height, weight, and proportionate breast size. Various physical and laboratory examinations and tests are conducted to rule out any breast disease like lumps or irregularities. The breast is then assessed to check the amount of sagging, skin quality, the amount of fat, and the breast tissue present.


It is essential to do sonography and mammography of the breasts before the operation to check that there are no tumors or lumps. If there are, the operation is planned accordingly.

Blood tests and other physical tests for fitness for surgery are done along with a formal check-up by a qualified physician.

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Breast Reduction


The patient is admitted to the hospital on the morning of surgery or one night before. The amount of breast to be removed and a new nipple position is marked in standing position. The procedure is usually done under full anesthesia. The unwanted lower portion of the breasts is removed, and the nipples are repositioned up. The inner and outer portions are stitched under the newly positioned nipple. If the areola around the nipple is too big, it can also be reduced. Usually, breast reduction achieves breast lift as well. After the operation, a supporting dressing is applied. Antibiotics and painkillers are given to manage pain, and the patient is usually discharged on the next day or day after the surgery.


  • Inability to find proper size clothes, or inner-wear.
  • Maceration, fungal infection or rashes under the breasts.
  • Women suffering from large breasts problems like shoulder or back pain.
  • Inability to exercise, jump, jog, perform yoga, and other physical activities.
  • Unmarried girls should preferably wait till the age of 18 years unless the size is too big
  • Unmarried girls suffering from emotional or social issues due to enlarged breasts.


Breast reduction can be done with or without breast lift depending upon the patient's need. In most of the patients, both are required. There are two main types of cuts through which the reduction can be done.

Type I is where the final stitches are in the shape of an inverted T or an anchor. The horizontal part of the inverted T lies along the crease on the undersurface of the breast.

Type II is a lollipop or mosque dome design where final stitches are vertical. This may or may not be combined with liposuction of the breasts.

Quite rarely, in a very large sagging bosom, the nipples are detached and repositioned after removing extra breast tissue and reshaping it.


Breast reduction is an intricate operation. When liposuction is combined with breast reduction, it is performed with a power-assisted device for a smoother and quicker operation.

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FAQs Breast Reduction

What happens after the surgery?

After the operation, one needs to take rest for a few days, especially from the tasks that require shoulders. Dressings are off after 7 days.
If draining tubes are put, they are usually removed after 48 hours. We usually do not use tubes that drain out fluids.
Stitches are usually taken out after 15 days. The normal professional life, exercise, and activities can be started after a month unless you are working from home. Do discuss your commute and nature of work so that we can customize advice regarding leave and rest for you.
The sebastian of the nipple may decrease for a few months to a year after this surgery. In most of the cases, it slowly recovers but may not be totally normal in every patient.

Is breastfeeding affected by breast reduction surgery?

Unmarried girls may have questions regarding breastfeeding after reduction of the bust. It has been demonstrated that in many patients, breastfeeding can be achieved unless there is some other problem leading to a lack of milk production itself. One must bear in mind that there can be problems and infections at the time of feeding.

What precautions does one need to take during breast reduction surgery?

  • Avoid overuse of shoulders after surgery.
  • Wear prescribed supporting innerwear.
  • Avoid jerky movements or a rough journey after surgery.
  • Exercise must be deferred, but you can walk around at the house.
  • You should not have rashes under the breast before the operation.
  • Stop smoking for at least 3 weeks before the surgery.
  • Downtime associated with this treatment is 15 days, but you can work online from home.
  • Do follow all the instructions in the postoperative period as guided by the surgeon.

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