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Skin Brightening Treatment in Thane

A bright face creates positive vibes to the beholder and also improves confidence. Skin brightness results from a good diet, adequate exercise, and a healthy skincare regime.


Routine skincare is a simple to follow regimen, including drinking enough water, using a proper sunscreen and a moisturizer. If you are older or have oily skin, an exfoliating face wash helps to get rid of dead cells and excess oil.


Exercise is one indispensable element for the brightness of the skin. It improves blood circulation to the skin, and various chemicals secreted in the body during exercise bring about an unmatched glow. So, if you are not planning to take the daily exercise of any type for a minimum of 20 minutes, do not waste your money on brightening treatments.

As mentioned above, all efforts to lose fat before starting brightening treatment will reduce the need to go for multiple procedures, repeatedly.

Why choose Lasercosmesis for Brightening Procedures?

  • Team of a plastic surgeon, physician, and dermatologist for 360-degree evaluation.
  • A full array of technology, including lasers, light devices, and mesotherapy machines.
  • Comprehensive treatment under one roof for all factors.


As age increases, the skin gets lax and lustreless. Tretinoin based creams improve the skin thickness, texture, and orientation of collagen fibers in the skin. The sun damage causes disarray of the collagen fibers in the skin. With tretinoin, new fibers form and get organized. When this happens, the skin surface becomes regular and even; thus, reflecting light uniformly, imparting glow, and tightened appearance.


Routine skincare is a simple to follow regimen, including drinking enough water, using a proper sunscreen and a moisturizer. If you are older or have oily skin, an exfoliating face wash helps to get rid of dead cells and excess oil.


Any underlying disease like diabetes, anemia, and thyroid problems needs to be treated. At Lasercosmesis, we have a senior physician on our panel who takes care of diagnosis and treatment.


There are many reasons for the dullness of the complexion. In the era of size zero figure, poor and wrong diet is the major cause of dull complexion.

Poor eating habits

Eating at irregular hours, gorging on junk food, indulging in modern society norms like chocolates and cakes for every celebration, and dislike for vegetables has become a hallmark among every teenager. These diet-related issues also affect the skin.

Lack of essential fatty acids

Many people eat fad diets that usually cut on fats totally. Even essential fats are not taken in the right proportion. This makes the skin look lustreless and causes a deficiency of vitamins like A and D, which are important for skin and bone strength.

On the other hand, too much fat content in cream cakes and chocolates leads to fat gain. Thus the skin becomes dull due to a relative lack of hormones and obesity-related skin conditions like acanthosis nigricans. Acanthosis is the thickening of the skin and pigmentation, mostly seen on the nape of the neck. Other causes of weight gain, like diabetes and thyroid deficiency, etc. need attention too.

Lack of essential vitamins

The deficiency of various vitamins so commonly seen nowadays is another reason for skin dullness. A periodic check-up, necessary changes in the diet, and cautious use of supplementary vitamins and micronutrients when needed are essential before embarking on any procedures or treatments.

Various brightening options available at Lasercosmesis

1. Brightening creams.

2. Mesotherapy- Our needleless mesotherapy machine allows diffusion of cosmeceuticals into deeper layers of the skin without causing pricking and pain.

3. Light-facial- Our IPL machine allows treatment for any skin type with intense pulsed light to bring about improved blood supply, removal of dead skin, reduction in dilated blood vessels, and tightening of the skin.

4. Laser facial- Our Q switched Nd: YAG laser with or without carbon peel cleans up the face of pigmentations and brightens the face within a matter of minutes. Post laser care with sunscreens is important.

5. Removal of the skin blemishes- Getting rid of acne, warts, moles, freckles adds brightness to the skin. We have CO2 laser and Elman radiofrequency that helps to eliminate these problems.

6. Treatment using some medical kits and vampire facelift is also used in patients whose likelihood of success is good.

It is important to note that these treatments need to be done in multiple sessions. A single session may not be enough to give a long-lasting improvement. Aftercare forms the important aspect of maintaining the results and making them last longer.

The routine skincare regimen mentioned above should be followed sincerely to get benefits. The earlier you repair and maintain, the longer will it last. Avoid self-medication and follow instructions to stay bright and glowing.

To get glowing and beautiful skin, visit today at Lasercosmesis.

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