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Dr. Medha Bhave is known for her new ideas implemented meticulously and presented scientifically. She talked about a new concept called hybrid breast augmentation which has taken roots in western countries in the last 4-5 years. 
Held on 16 th July 22, the central India Association of plastic surgeons’ meet was dedicated to the topic of breast. 
Dr. Medha Bhave gave a detailed presentation on this new technique of breast enhancement. In order to reduce the amount and weight of silicon in the breast, fat grafting and silicone implants are done simultaneously. This helps coverage of visible borders of the implant, fills up the cleavage area and lower pole of the breast, thereby imparting a beautiful natural shape to the breast. It provides a good soft tissue cover for the implant where it is lacking. The usual complications that happen when fat graft is used as sole technique to augment breast–namely– oil cysts, loss of graft and fibrosis—are much reduced, while providing a size larger than the implant. Thus the projection and firmness of the implant with softness and coverage by fat results in a natural augmentation. This was illustrated with examples by Dr. Medha Bhave. The interesting lecture kindled an enthusiastic response and a good discussion.

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