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MP Chattisgarh Conference 2022

Dr Medha Bhave was invited as faculty to the state conference of MP and Chattisgarh association of plastic surgeons recently held in Gwalior. She delivered a lecture on “Radio-frequency liposuction–The new kid on the block” on 03/04/2022 at IITT auditorium. The conference was attended by eminent plastic surgeons from states Of MP and CG as well as students along with other  esteemed faculty. She shared her experience of advanced RF technology used for contouring of the body and face, in more than 100 cases. Dr Bhave has experience of one and a half years with this technology, introduced in India just 2 years ago. She has shown how this technology can provide an option to surgery where a cut has to be made to remove excess skin and fat. Instead of cut and throw, one can shrink the tissues and put them back where they belonged. Thus a less invasive option is available for tummy tuck and face lift, provided certain conditions are met. Her lecture was highly appreciated. The enlightening discussion that followed the lecture indicated the interest generated

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