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Raj APSICON 2022

Dr Medha Bhave was invited as an esteemed faculty to deliberate upon principles of fat grafting and its applications in aesthetic surgery to the state meeting of Rajasthan association of plastic surgeons on 23/07/2022. Dr Medha Bhave held a continuing medical education program called Fat Is the Future in Thane, Maharashtra in September 2018. This program sparked  awareness about this concept among plastic surgeons. Since then she has been asked to talk and present on the topic of Fat grafting in various forums .In Raj Apsicon, she discussed how fat grafting can be used in hybrid breast augmentation, facial rejuvenation and enhancing results of Face tite and Face lift procedures, filling up acne scars and other depressions, improving pigmentation and filling small and large irregularities and asymmetries. There was an enthusiastic response not only from the floor but also from the online viewers. They flooded her with questions to get their doubts cleared so that the procedure could be used in their own practice. Nothing satisfies a surgeon to see colleagues adopting the procedures explained by the surgeon in their personal practice.
For a regular expert speaker like Dr Medha Bhave, this was a very cool experience. 

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