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The presentation of a person's appearance to the world is primarily represented through their face, which derives the first impression about a person. That is why such phrases as ‘facing the world’ or ‘face-off’ are used to indicate the relevant situations. From a small mole to a crooked nose, from a torn ear lobe to thin lips and wrinkles- the range of surgeries and treatments available for the face contains a long list.

The eyes are considered windows to the soul. Baggy eyelids, dark circles, and wrinkles give a tired look. The upper eyelid folds weigh the lids down and make one look sleepy and inattentive. Correction of baggy eyelids, dark circles, wrinkles around the eye, removal of eyelid folds, shaping the eyebrows are just a few examples of eyelid surgery that helps one to get a more defined youthful look. Reduction of thick lips or enhancement of thin lips to give a pout and chin reshaping treatments are performed to enhance the appearance of the face. Protruding or misshapen ears may be a concern for children. Many women are also not able to wear an earring due to torn earlobes or a cyst or a keloid. Sometimes unhygienic piercing can cause bad infection and swelling of the ear. Corrections are possible with cosmetic surgery, and the results provided are long-lasting.

Cosmetic surgery helps to enhance appearance by injecting fat that improves the shape or imparts a healthy long-lasting glow and also provides anti-aging benefits. Even simple moles, tattoo, and wart removal treatments can be done in a strategic way that helps minimize any marks.

Rhinoplasty in Thane

Rhinoplasty Surgery Cost in Thane

Get an enhanced facial appearance with nose job surgery! An attractive face is well defined with proper balance and proportion. The nose is one of the most prominent, attention-grabbing, and... Read more

Facelift Surgeon in Thane

Dr. Medha Bhave, the best Facelift Surgeon in Thane is an expert in reversing he signs of ageing with facelift surgery.

Reverse the signs of ageing and restore youthful facial contours with Facelift Surgery!! Many ageing signs show up in the face and make one look years older than their actual age. If... Read more

Chin Implant Surgery in Thane

Cheek Enhancement Surgery in Thane is done to enhance the cheekbones and add volume or lift to the cheeks.

Face-cut plays an important role in making a first-hand impression of a person. Men look strong and attractive when they have a squarish and strong jawline. A small chin conveys... Read more

Dimple Creation Surgery in Thane

Laser Cosmesis offers the best Dimple Creation Surgery in Thane to create a dimple on either one of the cheeks or both.

There is a trending desire for a sweet and enchanting smile among youth of the current era. Smiles need to be soulful with a twinkle in the eyes to be... Read more

Earlobe Repair Treatment in Thane

Earlobe Repair Treatment in Thane is done under local anesthesia to get perfect shaped ear and balancing facial aesthetics.

... Read more

Facial Fat Grafting Surgery in Thane

Lasercosmesis offers the best facial fat grafting surgery in Thane to improve ageing concerns using own body fat.

Novel ideas have always been incorporated to improve the outcomes for our patients. A newer concept-- to improve facial contours and aging concerns by using your own body fat ---has... Read more

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Dr. Medha Bhave

MCh - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, DNB - Plastic Surgery,
MS - General Surgery, DNB - General Surgery, MBBS

Dr. Medha Bhave (Khair) is a renowned plastic surgeon practising in Thane since 1996. Dr Medha was born and brought up in the academic city of Pune. She has graduated from the Prestigious B J Medical college, Pune and was amongst the top 10 in her batch. She chose to pursue her career in surgery and did her Masters in General Surgery when very few women made that choice due to the demanding nature of this career.

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Dr. Medha Bhave

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