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Marriage is a life-changing event. Everyone wants to look their best on their D-day. But the stress of change, shopping, work, managing many tasks leads to a tired look. Pre-bridal packages were considered important when we realised that brides or grooms rush to us at the eleventh hour to get that glow, smooth skin, good figure, elimination of dark circles and scars. It is tough to tell the tired and stressed young men and women that the time on hand is not sufficient to make the change. Beauty requires deep treatment to give natural and sustainable results. It is not a last-minute instant purchase off the shelf.

It is important to consult a cosmetic specialist well in advance when marriage is being considered. The scope of pre-bridal packages is wide. These packages are customised according to one's needs and goals. The advice about diet, exercise, and lifestyle suited to you is immensely beneficial not only for the D day but also for the rest of your life.

Pre-bridal packages concern has three aspects- Features, figure, and flawless skin.

Each package is customised to suit one's needs and goal considering these three aspects that influence your look for the D day. For the features, nose job, lip/chin job, including reduction or enhancement, cheek enhancement can be considered. This may be achieved with fillers or operations. To see the best result you need a minimum period of 3 months. You can usually carry out normal activities during this period, but the body needs time to heal and adjust.

For the figure, enhancement of bosom or size correction for the bride or gynaecomastia treatment in the groom aims to reshape the chest. For brides, a cinched waist, contoured abdomen, slim thighs can be achieved with liposuction. The liposuction can be large volume or small, depending on the amount of fat deposits. The groom can flaunt six-packs if he so wishes, for the D day. The bottom line is, of course, as we repeat tirelessly, is a good diet and exercise regime.

For flawless skin, mesotherapy, laser facials, chemical peels, and creams are the options as needed. A fat facial is another new treatment available at Laser Cosmesis for the brides to be. Treatment of acne and acne scars is another important area that needs attention. Some young brides want to get rid of unwanted hair. It is quite an effort to go for painful waxing and threading. If you start well in advance, you can get rid of the unwanted hair with the latest laser hair removal methods in a painless manner, and good news is that you need not continue with the old painful treatments. Our lasers being medical grade, the effects are clearly seen and last.

The groom may want hair transplant as the current hardworking generation that usually marries in their thirties has already developed receding hairlines. Framing the face with natural hair transplanted from your head's back definitely removes the aged look and makes you look as young as you are.

Removal of warts, unwanted moles, and tattoos, scars of surgery all help you achieve the flawlessly healthy look for your grand day and add a bonus of good health to your future.
All these treatments require your time. There is nothing instant in beauty. Only instant treatment is make-up, and that is temporary.

So Laser Cosmesis is the destination for healthy beauty that lasts over time and gives shape to your confidence.

Don't be surprised to find packages for the parents and other relatives who want to look good on the D-day. After all, a parent, brother, sister, cousin would want to look good on this important day. We have double chin reduction, wrinkle reduction, fillers and neurotoxins, thread lift; even a simple but practically permanent ear lobe repair for them; not to mention the treatments for flawless skin as per one's age and extent of the damage.

For a younger look, that perfect pout with fillers or injection rhinoplasty are the keys that will enhance one's confidence and beauty.

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