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Privacy Policy

What personal identification information is collected from you?

Personal information is the data collected that can be used to identify you or contact you uniquely. This include

  • Name
  • Photograph
  • Date of Birth
  • Email address
  • Gender
  • Medical history and records
  • Location

Non-personal identification information is the information collected by using the website, and the data is stored in the server logs. Non-personal information does not assist us to identify you personally. This non-personal information include

Your usage details, frequency, time duration, and pattern of use.

  • Internet Protocol address
  • Browser type
  • Browser language
  • Referring URL
  • Time zone
  • Operating system
  • Concern
  • Files accessed.

How do we collect Information?

The following methods help us to collect the information.

  • When you register on our website.
  • When you provide information to us.
  • When you access the website or services.
  • Web cookies.

How is the information collected used?

We collect information for the following purposes.

  • To respond to your inquiries.
  • To provide information about services and treatment available on the website.
  • For proper website administration.
  • To improve service content and advertising on the website.
  • To conduct internal reviews and data analysis for the website.
  • To protect website integrity.
  • To respond to the judicial process and provide information to the law enforcement agencies.

How do we protect your information?

The security of your personal information is very much important to us. We have reasonable security practices that ensure that your personal information collected with us is secure.

We take all the reasonable and appropriate steps to secure any information that we hold about you and prevent unauthorized access. We want to share that internet is not 100% secure. So we cannot provide you with absolute assurance regarding the security of your personal data or information.

Your acceptance of these terms

  • The results vary among individuals.
  • There is never a hundred percent guarantee on any treatment.
  • The projected results are only a possibility, especially when using 3-D consultation services. The 3-D consultation is used to understand the patient's needs and show how a given procedure may make a difference. The projected result may not be achieved due to various factors.
  • We update our information regularly. However, our discussion during personal consultation is valid over and above the information given in the website content.
  • You can request videography of your consultation. If we allow videography, it cannot be used anywhere else for comparison or for the second opinion without our permission. You need to verify the video before use.
  • We use standard disposables and medicines after checking expiry dates.
  • We take all COVID and other transmissible disease precautions.
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