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Skin Tightening & Stretchmarks

The laxity of the skin increases with age, and environmental factors like strong sunlight is a matter of concern for many people. The lax skin hangs beyond the bony frame of the face causing unattractive bulges. The laxity in the under-eye area contributes to dark circles and festoons (puffy bags).

Malar bags on the cheeks occur due to laxity and age-related sagging of the skin. Deep cheek fold, jowls, and double chin are developed due to lax skin and other factors like displacement and thinning of facial fat. Breakage of continuity of the deeper layer of skin called dermis leads to the formation of stretch marks. Pregnancy leading to rapid stretching of the tummy skin used to be the most common cause of stretch marks on the tummy. The stretch marks on the tummy below the navel are best removed with a tummy tuck. But those above navels need special treatment with lasers, fat graft, etc.

But probably the stretch marks of pregnancy are now superseded by the stretch marks occurrence due to rapid weight gain. Stretch marks can be seen in both men as well as women involving in body areas like the thin skin of armpits, inner thighs, knees, and tummy. In some cases, even flanks and chest wall are involved. These stretch marks of obesity begin as reddish streaks that leave long whitish furrows in the skin as they mature if untreated. The involved skin is palpably thin.

The bad news is that even after weight loss, the stretch marks do not improve. Special treatments with lasers, fillers, massage, HIFU, radiofrequency, derma rollers, or derma pen are required to bring improvement.

HIFU and radiofrequency work well in faces with minor to medium laxity. These are good tools to maintain skin quality after operations like facelift and a tummy tuck done in some laxity cases. It should be understood that the maintenance of skin tone is a race against time. If you wish to avoid surgery for it, begin with early life changes and maintain them well.
Some serum and creams are useful in improvement in mild cases and maintenance in all cases.

A lax skin does not glow as the surface does not remain regular. But for a toned and tight face, glowing skin is a natural by-product.

Skin Tightening Treatment in Thane

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