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Skin Treatments

Healthy and flawless skin is a dream difficult to achieve-due to stress, wrong food habits, pollution, and lack of proper skincare! It is not only important to get rid of acne, scars, unwanted moles, warts, or tattoos, but it is equally essential to be educated about the ways that help maintain the health of the protective barrier skin!

One cannot stop aging, but can surely postpone it by taking extra care daily and regularly taking a few maintenance treatments. Even flawless skin requires regular care and upkeep to maintain its youthful charm.

The sun rays can damage the skin by causing pigmentation, skin thinning, irregular patches, and change in skin texture. The best treatment that helps to correct these concerns is to repair the skin damage. As an added reward for your effort, the treated healthy skin then looks bright and glowing!

White patches are treated comprehensively with the help of our dermatological and plastic surgical combo treatments. Melasma of motherhood need not disappoint you while looking in the mirror. Excessive sweating of palms, soles, and scalp skin is an irritating hindrance in day to day life.
Laser Cosmesis has a full array of lasers, peels, fillers, neurotoxins, mesotherapy, HIFU, and derma-pen to provide optimum, cost, and time-effective treatments as per the requirement of our patient.
Many skin conditions that require surgery are tackled by our plastic surgeon in our comprehensively well-equipped operation theatre at Param Hospital and ICU.
In short, for all your requirements- from skin lightening, brightening, and tightening to the surgery, you need a scientific and comprehensive solution.

Facial Contouring

Facial Contouring

A chiselled face is the cynosure of all eyes, a desire everyone nurtures. But the unrelenting stamp of time wipes off these desires. With the advent of modern plastic surgical... Read more

Skintone & Pigments

skintone & pigments

Bright and glowing skin reflects the health of a person. Like strong sunlight, hormonal changes, and stress, many factors can lead to the darkening of the skin. It is not... Read more

Hair Growth/ Haircare

Hair Growth/Haircare

Healthy luxuriant hair is viewed as a sign of youth because it indicates good health and nutrition. A mop of healthy hair frames the face and provides the contrast to... Read more

Skin Tightening & Stretchmarks

Skin Tightening & Stretchmarks

The laxity of the skin increases with age, and environmental factors like strong sunlight is a matter of concern for many people. The lax skin hangs beyond the bony frame... Read more

Hair Reduction

Hair Reduction

Unwanted hair is a melody faced by not only women but men also. The unwanted natural hair are present all over the body and mostly in body areas like in... Read more

Scars Reduction

Scars Reduction

Scars were respected when incurred in the wars as bravery medals. But for civilians, freak accidents, burns, operations, infections leave their footprint on the body like scars. They not only... Read more

At Laser Cosmesis, Patients across India
and abroad have been treated.
Dr. Medha Bhave

MCh - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, DNB - Plastic Surgery,
MS - General Surgery, DNB - General Surgery, MBBS

Dr. Medha Bhave (Khair) is a renowned plastic surgeon practising in Thane since 1996. Dr Medha was born and brought up in the academic city of Pune. She has graduated from the Prestigious B J Medical college, Pune and was amongst the top 10 in her batch. She chose to pursue her career in surgery and did her Masters in General Surgery when very few women made that choice due to the demanding nature of this career.

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 Dr. Medha Bhave

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