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What is TULUA Tummy Tuck ?

This is a new idea innovated by colombian plastic surgeon Dr. Villegas. It involves

  • Removal of all skin, fat and naval below the level of naval.
  • A 360 degree liposuction of the upper tummy, back, bra rolls, love handles is done.
  • The tuck is done horizontally in lower tummy like we tuck a shirt in a pant.
  • This brings the skin at the level of navel towards the cut along private parts and the groins. This is then stitched up without any worry about skin break down due to tension on the edges.
  • A new navel is created using a piece from the removed skin of the lower tummy. This allows flexibility to place the navel wherever the patient desires.
  • At LaserCosmesis, we
    1. a. Use radiofrequency tightening ( Embrace RF) to give better shape to the tummy before we do power liposuction using Liposaver and Microaire PA.L
    2. b. DO NOT put drains as we have TUBELESS TUMMY TUCK policy for patient comfort and quick recovery.

Who Can Benefit With Tulua Tummy Tuck ?

  • If you have hanging skin predominantly over lower tummy and excess fat deposits everywhere else, especially over upper abdomen. In normal course of tummy tuck, you may expect wound healing problems in such cases. But in TULUA procedure, one can do full tummy tuck and full liposuction without any worries about wound breakdown.
  • If you have umbilical hernia.
  • If you have hernia from previous surgery on lower tummy like caesarean section or removal of uterus or a bladder stone.
  • If you wish to have better waistline, the horizontal tightening of TULUA is very useful.

What is TULUA tummy tuck ?

Is Recovery In Tulua Different From Regular Tummy Tuck?

You need not expect a longer recovery time after TULUA.

You will be mobilised exactly as per our regular schedule in other types of tummy tuck procedures. That is

  • Straightening of hips and legs after 24 hrs with continuous use of DVT pump to prevent formation of blood clots in your leg veins
  • Straightening of chest and upper body from 30 degree prop up at 36 hrs
  • Dandling legs and standing after 48 hrs.

The only difference is that after TULUA, it is desirable to bend at hips and walk for 8–10 days before gradually standing up.

As after any tummy tuck, you need to take rest for 15 days.

Continue all precautions to avoid stress on the tummy for 6 months.

What Are The Precautions I Need To Take After Tulua ?

  • Avoid getting up straight from the bed. Turn to one side and use support to get up.
  • Do support the tummy when you cough or have to strain for passing stools or urine.
  • Do wear abdominal belt for 6 months.
  • Do not bend down too much.
  • Do not pick up weight more than 2-3 kg.
  • Avoid rigorous abdominal exercises. You can walk, cycle and swim. But avoid weight lifting and upper body workouts that put strain on the tummy.

When Can I Have Bath ?

Usually, we allow bath after 4-5 days. At LaserCosmesis, our sutures run below the skin. There are only tapes and waterproof cover tape. So you can easily have bath from 5 th day. There may be just one central suture to be removed along with liposuction port tiny sutures. So you need not bother to stop bathing for the same.

What Kind Of Food Can I Have After Tulua Tummy Tuck?

On the first day, you will have IV fluids, IV antibiotics and pain killers. So you can have some non sweet liquids only. From next day you can have light, non-spicy , soft diet for two days and then shift to light normal diet.

Sweets, fried foods must be avoided. 2.5—3 L of liquids in the form of tea, coffee, soups, non sweet juices, dal, water are advisable.

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