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Best Plastic surgery clinic in Thane

Lasercosmesis is a plush, conveniently located aesthetic clinic. It is also considered to be one of the best plastic surgery clinic in Mumbai. Our ambience is sophisticated yet warm, our staff cheerful and efficient, and facilities wide ranging. You will find it in the quiet and charming Ghantali Mandir Road in Thane West, on the first floor of the Capital Building, above Ratanshi Kheraj Sarees outlet. Inside our comfortably air conditioned premises you will find privacy and complete confidentiality, so that you can discuss with us any problem or requirement in total comfort. We bring to this field, 25 years of experience and every available qualification in plastic surgery in India! We set ourselves apart by our philosophy, based on three key concepts. This makes us the Best Plastic Surgery Clinic in Thane.


Cosmetic Care

At Lasercosmesis, the first key concept is comprehensive care.

At Laser Cosmesis, best plastic Surgery Clinic in Mumbai, we believe that every beauty problem has some health concern at the root. We diagnose the basic cause of your problem --be it dark circles or unwanted hair or unwanted bulges. And then, we offer a full range of non surgical as well as surgical solutions suited to your body so as to provide a safe, long lasting and cost effective solution. Our facility has ability to deliver all procedures ranging from a full gamut of laser procedures such as removal of unwanted hair, removal of warts, moles, tattoos, scars or wrinkles, and facial rejuvenation, to peels for acne, mesotherapy for local fat deposits, to ultrasound therapy for dark circles or lipolysis, and injection therapy for the ageing face. The treatments are done by a team with a plastic surgeon in lead, to ensure that they are safe and effective. Since no effective treatment is totally devoid of possible side effects, it is important to have plastic surgical expertise at the core.

Of course, there are many situations where skillful surgery is the best option and non surgical methods simply aren't enough. That's where we come to our second key philosophy.

The second key concept at Lasercosmesis is - honest and transparent advice.

You will not find any gimmickry, pseudoscience or recommen- dations to use half baked, costly tech just for its own sake. A frank and friendly discussion of various surgical and non surgical treatment options, their results, possible side effects and also a plan of reducing or managing them if they do occur. All this will be discussed from a knowledge base -born of experience and study. We strive to offer state of art in science!

This brings us to the third key concept, the foundation of our work at Lasercosmesis.

We provide complete services with the help of our physicians who back us up for diagnosis of health problems, evaluate you independently for surgery, provide back up for any medical issues during or even after surgery. We believe in building a relation of trust where any of your problem can be offered a proper scientific solution. Same philosophy applies to all the surgical procedures where no compromise is made in safety and judicious use of technology.

We are backed up with a fully equipped surgical set up at our own Param Hospital and ICU

Do step into Laser cosmesis and experience our comprehensive cosmetic care. We keep you healthy and beautiful and give shape to your confidence! Come visit the best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Mumbai.


With modern science, honed skill and passionate art
we sculpt you to your desired shape.

Laser Cosmesis

Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Mumbai

  • Health is the foundation of beauty. One can not be beautiful unless one achieves status of health first.
  • At Laser Cosmesis, best Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Mumbai, we believe in providing complete cosmetic care to detect and correct your health issues first.
  • We also commit to provide a full range of care that suits your body with the latest non-surgical and surgical techniques. We update ourselves continuously.
  • We believe in honest and transparent communication in counselling you and will always help you reach an informed decision about any treatment to be delivered.
  • We use approved equipment and disposables so as to uphold the safety of our patients.
  • We are always accessible to sort out any concerns regarding the treatments before, during and after the procedure.
  • We give shape to your confidence helping you to achieve your dream personality.

To know more, please feel free to visit Laser Cosmesis, best Plastic Surgery Clinic in Thane.

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If you want to experience comprehensive cosmetic care under one roof to achieve natural results, You are at the right place! We give shape to your confidence by blending modern science, the art of experienced fingers, and refinement with advanced technology. Connect with us to experience personalized care & avail the best results.

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Dr. Bhave takes utmost care to put the patient at ease - a rare find in today's medical scenario. She's super responsive to any questions that come to mind and is pleasant and friendly to be with. Bonus points for her hospital staff in Thane - well-trained and courteous. I would certainly recommend her to any of my friends.


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