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Non Surgical Weight Loss Treatment

Trying to control body weight is a difficult task. People all over the world have been frustrated with their attempts to lose weight. A great variety of different methods of treatment including weird ideas of diet, wide range of medicines, different systems of exercise and surgical procedures are being tried. There is no single magic remedy. Weight loss is difficult to achieve; if achieved, it is difficult to maintain. Many people feel themselves to be failures for not being able to achieve their weight goals. Do not worry! At Lasercosmesis, we offer the best Non Surgical Weight Loss Treatment in Mumbai.

What is weight contributed by?

We look at a person and unconsciously try to estimate the person’s weight by size.
In reality the size depends upon the fat under the skin and inside the belly. The fat is light---similar to cotton. Cotton appears to be voluminous but does not weigh as much as a small piece of iron.

Thin but highly muscular person weighs more than we think. This is because the weight is contributed by muscles and bones. This is a healthy weight.

Thus, when we are talking of losing weight, we are hoping to shed layers of fat. The size is more important than the scale.
At lasercosmesis, we measure you with a tape for weight loss in addition to weighing scale.

Where is the fat located?

The fat is located:

1. Under the skin---This is called subcutaneous fat--This fat weighs on your back, knees and overall posture. It increases your effort.
2. Inside the belly--This is called visceral fat.this is the fat responsible for the illnesses like blood pressure and diabetes.

Why do some people gain weight?

Why do some people gain weight easily and others do not? Scientists are still searching for all the answers. Some reasons may be present even before you were born. Babies whose mothers were overweight or gained too much weight in their pregnancy, babies born to mothers who were smokers or diabetics may grow up to become overweight in later life. Babies who were not breastfed but bottle fed, may be at higher risk of obesity. Obesity may actually begin in childhood or adolescence and then become difficult to control in adult life. Consumption of high calorie, high carbohydrate diets and sugary beverages with high -fat snacks can make one prone to gain weight, especially if coupled with sedentary lifestyle. Spending too much time in front of the idiot box while snacking on the side, eating more calories at night time, may lead to weight gain. Certain types of medications such as antidepressant, anticonvulsants can lead to weight gain. Finally, hormone disorders such as thyroid, adrenal gland or ovarian disorders may be the causes of obesity.

There are two types of excess fat depositions

1. Hyperplastic-- Person is born with too many fat cells from birth. This does not respond to diet and exercise methods.
2. Hypertrophic---The existing fat cells enlagre due to accumulation of fat due to various disorders mentioned above.

Why choose Lasercosmesis for Non Surgical Weight Loss?

  • Team of physician and plastic surgeon.
  • Diagnosis of all medical problems with the state of the art treatment in house
  • Eat a smart diet.
  • Surgical as well as non-surgical options available.
  • Cavitation lipolysis available.
  • Injection lipolysis for small deposits like double chin available (we do not have cry-lipolysis in the house at present).
  • HIFU, RF for skin tightening after weight loss.
  • Continued support.

Why bother to lose weight?

Maintaining correct body weight is useful for health as well as for looking good and being able to enjoy daily activities of life. The chances of developing problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, backache, acidity, breathing problems, heart problems and many others are increased among people who are overweight. These problems are due to belly fat.

The subcutaneous fat prevents loss of belly fat by making you lethargic to work outs which in turn is one of the ways to lose visceral or belly fat.
So FAT LOSS is important for healthy body

How much do I try to lose?

How to decide if somebody needs to go for weight loss?

BMI- People are now familiar with the measurement of BMI or body mass index. This is a calculation where the weight in kilograms is divided by the square of the height measured in metres. Ratio between 18 to 25 can be considered as a normal BMI, 25 to 29 as overweight and above 30 as medically obese.

Waist circumference- Another measurement tcan be aken in a standing position by passing a tape around the tummy at the top of the pelvic bone. The tape should be carefully positioned horizontally. This measurement gives an idea of the fat deposits -the fat which is deposited behind the intestine and between them is called visceral fat and it is metabolically considered even more risky than the fat which is deposited under the skin -over the underlying muscles. Measurement more than 80 cm in women or 90 cm in men is considered to represent overweight body status. Losing 5% of body weight in a 6 month period would be considered very successful! Even 2-3% weight loss is counted as success. The fat which is superficial can be nicely removed and the body shape improved by liposuction which is a speciality technique offered at lasercosmesis. However, this discussion focuses on non -surgical weight loss treatment in Thane that are offered at lasercosmesis.

Is there a perfect diet?

Diet… There are bewildering varieties of diets that have been proposed and popularized. At Lasercosmesis, we help you to find and to follow that diet which suits your body and which you can continue to follow over a long term. Basically the common Idea among all the diets is to restrict the total calories consumed, without compromising on the intake of vitamins and proteins -which are essential building blocks for the body. Care has to be taken to achieve fat loss without muscle mass loss or landing up in vitamin deficiencies. There is no point in losing weight and losing energy and health at the same time.Many people develop anaemia, weak bones, hair fall while on diet. Obviously, this is not desirable. For most people, restriction of total calories consumed in one day to below 1400 is sufficient to start losing weight. Low calorie diets which supply less than 800 calories per day, or even very low calorie diets providing just 400 calories per day are very drastic. They are difficult to sustain over the long term so people who follow such diets see rapid weight loss in the beginning only to regain much of the weight over the next few months. Hence for most people, when there is no serious emergency to lose weight very rapidly, it is much more sensible to go for gradual but sustained weight loss. We will discuss options with you. Some can follow a pattern of 3 meals per day but restrict the calorie content of each of those.

Here are some universal tips.

--Avoid bingeing on sweets,
--cut down on beer and beverages
-- keep close track of your weight and measurements every week.

Alternatively, an intermittent fasting regimen can be adopted. This can take the form of fasting on alternate days. Some people may find it easier to restrict their daily food intake to an 8 hour interval while avoiding eating anything in the remaining 16 hours of each day. At Lasercosmesis, we will explain and discuss all these modalities with you -and equip you with the knowledge of what to eat and what to avoid. The approach is to achieve good compliance with whatever dietary regimen is selected.

At Lasercosmesis ,We offer a program called EAT SMART DIET customised to your requirements and habits, under medical supervision.

Will I be able to do enough exercise?

Exercise….. Expenditure of calories, building muscle tone, improvement of cardiovascular fitness and avoiding depression are some of the major benefits of exercise. Exercise works more to maintain weight loss rather than to achieve it in the first place, for which diet is more crucial. Just 150 minutes of dynamic activity a week is sufficient. That works out to 20 minutes a day, certainly doable even by busy individuals. At Lasercosmesis we will guide you to activities that can be easily integrated within your daily routine, in a seamless and practical way. Exercise should be safe for your body and realistic goals should be set as per your she and fitness levels.

Can I not just take a magic pill for weight loss?

Medicines….. Separating the grain from the chaff is difficult. At Lasercosmesis we will help you avoid the useless or harmful quack remedies pushed by people out to can in on the demand for weight loss. There are only a few medicines proven to be effective for weight loss and all of them are not magic wands but adjunctive methods along with proper diet and exercise programs.Injection liraglutide once a day or injection dulaglutide once a week, are anti diabetic medicines that help weight loss. Some tablets reduce the absorption of fat from your food; while others reduce food craving. Our expert physicians guide our patients about how they can be used, what possible side effects can occur and whether they are individually suitable for each patient.

Weight control is a journey...

Weight loss is never a quick fix but a journey… And every journey is safer and more fruitful if you have a wise companion. Connect with us to experience personalized care & avail the best results of Non Surgical Weight Loss Treatment in Thane.

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