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Hormonal Havoc Upon a Woman's Body Corrected

Hormonal havoc upon a woman's body corrected 23 Aug 2023

Once you consider the relationship between your breathing and your tummy, many things start becoming clear. To breathe you need to expand your lungs, which means that the diaphragm between the lungs and the abdomen has to move downwards. If there is something growing within the abdomen, such as growing fetus in pregnancy- or the much less happier situation of accumulation of fat within the tummy, either will cause an obstruction to the free movement of the diaphragm. This is why a pregnant lady in the 9th month will experience breathlessness while walking. Similarly a man who has accumulated unwanted fat within the tummy, around his intestine and under the skin, will find it an effort to walk fast, since he cannot breathe freely and get the necessary oxygen during exercise. 

If the tummy goes on stretching due to the accumulation of fat within it, unbearable amount of stretch is felt by the centre line between the two vertical muscles in the front of the abdomen. This centre line can get stretched by as much as 9 to 10 cm. The belly button, which after all is healed scar, is a weak link. When the layers below this umbilicus are stretched beyond a point, they may tear, and the underlying fat and a small part of the intestine may start protruding out, giving rise to what is known as an umbilical hernia. 

Lots of special things happen to a woman's body during pregnancy. Mother nature is trying to prepare the body so that the fully formed baby weighing 3 kgs or more can safely be delivered through the birth passage. For this, the mother's joints, tissues and muscles have to be relaxed. This happens under the influence of pregnancy hormones. However this takes a toll on the mothers physique. We are familiar with the stretch marks that appear during pregnancy. The skin, the underlying fibre tissues are all stretched beyond their limits. After delivery, the body tries to regain it's previous state of fitness. For this, the mother needs an adequate supply of Vitamins Calcium and Iron along with proper rest and judicious exercise. After delivery, if she breast feeds the baby, this process is enhanced. However, the degree to which the body tissues can regain some amount of fitness is variable from person to person. 

It is really unfair to comment upon a woman whose body has not regained its previous shape after her delivery because so many factors are beyond her control. Women who have lax and bulging tummy will find difficulty in doing their exercises and even walking. This extra burden acts as a drag upon the spine which tends to bend unnaturally in order to maintain her balance progressively through the years. It becomes more and more difficult for her to get back into shape, to do any kind of exercise. This sets in motion a chain of events that leads to degenerative changes in the spine, further weight gain and even wear and tear of the knee joints. This can be perfectly corrected by tummy tuck surgery or an abdominoplasty surgery

Next will come the milestones of age- by the time the 45 and 50 years milestones are crossed, new enemies such as diabetes and blood pressure have entered the picture. The situation has now become more difficult. When an Orthopaedic surgeon recommends weight loss and reduction of the tummy, the question which has been neglected for decades now comes to the fore again.. how to reduce the tummy? It is possible to treat only the hernia by inserting a mesh, but even that is not a solution by itself to the problem of the loose lax and enlarged abdomen. 

This is why it has to be understood that tummy tuck is certainly not just so - called cosmetic surgery rather it is a fundamental intervention for maintaining health. To get the best tummy tuck surgery in Mumbai consider visiting our renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Medha Bhave at Laser Cosmesis Clinic.


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