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Physical Activities To Prevent Obesity And To Keep Healthy Weight

Physical Activities To Prevent Obesity And To Keep Healthy Weight 27 Oct 2023

Obesity is the modern scourge of people in all strata of society, be they poor or rich, urban or rural. If you see old movies, more often than not, the villain would be rich and obese. Now even the villains are fit and have chiselled bodies! In reality, however, obesity is prevalent right from the slums to the mall. The reason behind this obesity epidemic lies hidden between the excess of one thing and the lack of another. Excess food and lack of exercise. 

Man has come a long way from his ancient origins. He no longer needs to forage in the forest for scraps of food. He need not search to the ends of the earth for potable water; he does not have to move even to switch on the lights or the TV; the remote does the work for him. In the old era, food eaten earlier would be digested, utilized, and spent as the energy required to obtain food for the next meal. 

Reasons for Weight Gain

Circumstances of scarcity forced the female body to acquire the necessary hormones and habits to store spare food and energy. Hence, girls would put on fat on the waist and the hips when they age. The purpose of this sort of evolution was to provide energy stores to supply the needs of pregnancy and the unborn child. 

  • Today, we have the age of plenty where famines are rare. Physical efforts have been reduced. The fat bank now gets more and more deposits and fewer withdrawals. 
  • Due to this fat tissue, there are effects on the body, such as changes in hormone levels and increasing risks of diabetes and hypertension. 

Importance of Exercise

It is essential that people are well-informed about the principles of nutrition and exercise. Not everyone can afford to employ a personal trainer or dietician. With every passing year, new scientific studies are being published about the benefits and importance of exercise.

As the age increases, our muscles become weak. The weakening of bone density accompanies old age. Even enforced immobility of just one to two weeks is enough to reduce muscle strength further. Such enforced bed rest may be the result of some temporary illness, which may eventually recover but can leave behind long-term severe consequences. 

Exercises to Keep Fit & Healthy

If you wish to avoid this fate in your later years, it is essential to do regular exercise with a rotation of the type of exercise. There are 3 main types of exercise. 

  • Aerobic Exercise
    • The first type is called aerobic exercise, which includes activities such as walking, running, different kinds of sports, dance, and swimming. Aerobic exercises help to burn calories. 
    • These exercises train the heart to pump more efficiently and the lungs to take in more oxygen. 
  • Strength Training
    • The second type of exercise is strength training. Every muscle group is trained by doing work against resistance. Lifting weights and stretching rubber bands are some of the tools. 
    • In olden times, women would lift heavy jugs of water and bring them back from the river. Now it is boring even to get up to get a glass of water! 
    • Those who cannot afford the money or the time to visit the gym can exercise at home by lifting buckets of water or using exercises such as push-ups and pull-ups using their own body weight. 
  • Flexibility & Posture Training
    • The 3rd type of exercise is flexibility and posture training. Every joint is moved through its full range of motion to avoid stiffness. 
    • In many cities, the corporation has made available exercise tools and toys in public spaces for the benefit of its citizens. 
    • Yoga is an indigenous type of exercise that achieves flexibility training with muscle strengthening and combines that with meditation. 

It is an advantage to start exercises under the guidance of a good trainer. If your weight is excessive, then exercises have to be planned in such a way as to avoid loading the joints too much. Your age, weight, time available, previous experience, and any existing diseases have to be taken into account while planning an exercise regimen that is suitable for you. Exercise should be preceded by a warm up and followed by stretching. So get up from the chair, get moving, get walking! 

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