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Chin Implant Surgery in Thane

Face-cut plays an important role in making a first-hand impression of a person. Men look strong and attractive when they have a squarish and strong jawline. A small chin conveys an impression of a weak personality in males and makes the nose appear too large in comparison.

On the other hand, women are deemed attractive when they have an oval face, V-shaped jawline, and high cheekbones.

A protruding and long chin is not appreciated in men as well as women.


As always, the cosmetic surgeon begins with a full discussion of the patient’s concerns and desires. Depending upon the amount of enhancement required, the most suitable procedure is selected by mutual discussion.

An X ray called lateral cephalogram or a CT scan may be done in cases of moderate to severe retrusion.

Fillers or fat grafting- If only a small chin/cheek enhancement is needed, it can be achieved by injecting a filler material. Alternatively, the patient’s own body fat, removed from another place such as from over the tummy, can then be injected. Whether a filler or fat is used, the results last for about a year to year and a half, after which the injected material is gradually absorbed.

Genioplasty- Sometimes, it is possible to bring your own jaw bone ahead like a stair step to improve the chin's projection. The cut bone is brought forward and fixed to the original bone base with the help of titanium screws and plates using a power drill. The plates are wafer-thin and designed to stay in the body for long. If the jaw bone's advancement is not enough, bone can be added from the hip bone or rib from the chest wall. Even if there will be some scar on these areas, the bone will stay in the body without any issues as it is your own (autologous). The bone is also fixed with thin screws and plates.

Chin and cheek implants- For more prominent and long-lasting results, a chin implant or cheek implant can be inserted surgically. These are made of silicon or other suitable materials. Obviously, you would not like to have visible scars after the surgery, so your surgeon uses a lot of ingenuity! For cheek implants, an incision is made inside the mouth, and for cheek implants, the incision is made either from within the mouth or under the chin where it's not visible!

Chin implant Surgery in Mumbai is an outpatient procedure and can be done under local anesthesia if you wish. But cheek implants are better performed under full anesthesia.

Ancillary procedures- Chin and cheek implants are often combined with liposuction of the neck, removal of the cheek pad of fat.

Chin implant surgery in Thane can make a huge difference to the patients who undergo a nose job if they have a small chin. Combining these two operations creates a beautiful balance in the face in front view as well as in profile.

Why choose Lasercosmesis for Chin and Cheek Enhancement?

  • Experience of jaw surgeries in cases of injuries.
  • Motorized equipment for fixation when needed.
  • Full array of technical expertise, including fat grafting.
  • Combined procedures like neck liposuction, anti-wrinkle injections, and fillers as needed to enhance results.


The chin shape can be corrected, and very gratifying results are obtained with chin implant surgery in Thane. A ‘V-shaped’ lower face is the most attractive type for women. Jaw fillers or surgery can be utilized to achieve the same.

Men with the retruded lower jaw can choose to opt for genioplasty in which the chin can be enhanced with either own jaw bone adjustment or own bone taken from other parts of the body. Chin implant Surgery in Thane is the quickest and most rewarding procedure with minimum downtime and quick recovery to enhance a small chin. The implants are made of silicon and adjust well in the body. A small jaw can also give a double chin appearance, which can be improved with liposuction of the area below the chin.

As for the cheeks, high cheekbones are often admired; so many people wish they had prominent cheekbones but are unaware that Cheek Enhancement Surgery in Thane has outstanding solutions for them!

The hollowed cheeks give an aged look unless the person has a toned body to go with them. These can also be improved with fat grafting. Very bulky cheeks giving a round moon appearance to the face can be contoured with liposuction.

To know more about Chin Implant Surgery in Thane and Cheek Enhancement Surgery in Thane, please feel free to contact us.

FAQs Chin Implant Surgery in Thane

Should I worry about anything going wrong with the surgery?

This surgery, when performed by a qualified cosmetic surgeon, will rarely lead to any unwanted problems. Initially, for a couple of weeks, there is bound to be swelling and sometimes bruising. This is to be expected after most facial operations and is not a complication as such. It gradually settles down to reveal the best result. Infections can rarely occur, but your surgeon will take the utmost care to prevent them. The surgeon will guide you about maintaining hygiene inside the mouth by using antibacterial rinse and mouthwash. Instructions will also be given about what to eat and how to sleep so as to avoid physical displacement of the implant until it settles firmly into its place. Very rarely, we see the rejection of an implant by the body. In that case, it needs to be taken out. In most of the patients, things work out well. We give you detailed instructions about care and precautions. If you follow them, you can expect a much improved facial shape and a personality that expresses you as you would like to be seen!

What are the common post-operative instructions and precautions?

  • Do not chew hard.
  • Avoid any injury to the operated part.
  • Wear the neck and chin strap religiously for the time advised by the doctor.

Consult with an expert plastic and cosmetic surgeon at Lasercosmesis to avail this treatment benefits.

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