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Liposuction Surgery in Thane

Flaunt your curves and remove unwanted pockets of fat with the advanced body contouring liposuction surgery in Thane!

"Oh, you've lost weight!
Looking so slim and fit!"

These are the magic words indeed that everyone wants to listen.....

Have you been trying fad diets, exercise, and multiple pills to get the defined body shape?

Do check in to Lasercosmesis for a comprehensive assessment. We can offer you with the best Liposuction Surgery in Thane.


Liposuction Surgery in Mumbai is a type of cosmetic surgery that helps reshape the different parts of the body as it helps remove excess fat deposits. This technique helps remove excess or unwanted body fat. This technique helps remove fat from body areas like breas-t, hips, thighs, waist, neck, chin, calves, and arms. So, if you are tired of exercise and dieting, then liposuction provides the best results. It is a painless surgery that is performed under anesthesia, and the degree of anesthesia depends upon the extent of fat removal.

Some quick facts about liposuction surgery in Mumbai and Thane include body contours, being fit and healthy, use of general anesthesia and results that are not immediate, and more.


Dr. Medha Bhave, the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai, presented the "shape" and "weight," concept at the national conference of plastic surgeon- APSICON in 2010. It goes like this:

When people look at you and assess your 'weight' they actually don't measure you up in kilos. They get an idea of your body shape, and also, they are estimating your dimensions in 'inches' of your waist, etc. And when the shape is right and the subconscious mental calculation of inches is reasonable, as per current the ideas of beauty, -people then say you are slim or have lost 'weight.'

Unwanted fat deposit makes one look 'overweight'. Fat tissues are lighter than water. A liter of water weighs a kilogram, but a liter of pure fat would weigh only 600-700 gm! When someone who looks 'overweight' and wants to become slim, they actually have to lose only a few kilograms. They can lose inches, get rid of unhealthy fat, still preserve good muscles and look slim with liposuction. And the shape only improves beautifully since the fat loss shows up as several inches lost from all body parts like the waistline, hips, but-tocks, and floppy arms!

Why choose Lasercosmesis for Liposuction-High Definition?

  • Huge experience in performing this surgery.
  • Very good skin retraction-please visit the gallery.
  • Comprehensive care including diet, lifestyle diseases, and exercise advice customized to the patient.
  • Large volume lipo reduction as well as high definition possible.
  • High definition and 6 pack creation with specialized surgery.
  • Power-assisted Microaire PAL machine for faster, smoother, bloodless removal of fat.
  • Special infiltration machine to inject fluid fast reducing operative time.
  • Pain relief for 24 hours with a catheter.
  • Postoperative medical management for further fat and inch loss (see medical weight loss)
  • ICU and medical back up to uneventful recovery in large volume cases.
  • In house management of diabetes and blood pressure as required. So these patients can have a safe operation and smooth recovery.
  • Post-op massage and manual lymphatic drainage to reduce the hardness of the tissues to reduce downtime.


  • Long-lasting results.
  • Reshape body shape as desired.
  • Safe fat removal technique.
  • Complements a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Enhances physical appearance and boost confidence.
  • Removes unwanted fat from specific body areas.
Benefits of liposuction in Mumbai, Thane, include long-lasting results, a safe fat removal technique, ability to reshape the body as desired, and more.


When we put on unwanted fat, it may accumulate just under the skin in areas such as the tummy, outer arms, thighs, but-tocks, etc. It creates bulky folds and changes our shape in undesirable ways. This fat layer can be several inches thick and is called subcutaneous fat. At Lasercosmesis, we provide the best Liposuction Surgery in Mumbai to help one get rid of this type of fat.

NOTE: Fat may accumulate deeper inside our bodies too, inside the tummy, near the intestines or within the liver. This deep or visceral or tissue fat is not removed by liposuction.

Under anesthesia, a special made medical solution is injected into the fat layer under the skin. This fluid dissolves the fat tissue and prepares it for removal in the next step. It also contains medicine to reduce blood loss during the procedure. In the next step, multiple tiny cuts, each less than 5 mm, are made in the skin to allow the insertion of a narrow tube called a cannula under the skin. These cuts are very small and hidden under skin folds, and later on, they will fade into insignificance after surgery.

The cannula is attached to a suction machine at the other end. The power suction is applied with the cannula's skillful movement under the skin in such a way that most of the fat is sucked out into the attached bottles and is seen as a yellow fluid. After all the body's planned areas have been treated, the patient wears a pre-stitched elastic garment. This garment is worn under regular clothes for a few weeks after the surgery to reduce postoperative swelling. Surgical drains are also inserted for a few weeks to remove the fluid accumulation build-up.


At Lasercosmesis, we aim to offer you precise, honest, and transparent advice. To achieve this, we will assess you meticulously, thorough physical examination. Then take a detailed background history regarding reasons for your weight gain and do some useful tests to determine if liposuction is right for you or some other technique would serve you better.

Our plastic surgeon's original diagnostic tool, in collaboration with ultrasound specialists, "abdominal fat mapping," accurately determines the exact distribution of fat on your abdomen, region by region. The thickness of the fat layer under the skin is recorded. It tells us whether the fat is mainly under the skin or in the abdomen's deep tissues. If most of the fat is superficial, it is possible to remove by liposuction, thus giving you the shape of your dreams. Also, we provide affordable Liposuction Surgery Cost in Mumbai but that varies from patient to patient depending upon the area treated.


You may be treated by lipo contouring if the total fat buildup is not so much. In this method, small quantities of fat are removed strategically from areas that need shaping up. However, if you are significantly overweight, then much more fat needs to be removed, even up to 8-10% of your body weight. More than that will not be taken out at one go, for safety reasons. This is known as lipo reduction.

Some people have a really severe weight problem where the BMI, a measure of obesity, is as high as 35 or more. This problem is best treated by bariatric surgery, not liposuction. At Lasercosmesis, the best plastic surgery clinic in Thane, we will advise you what's correct for you, also providing you with the best Liposuction Surgery Cost in Mumbai. Our goal in patients with higher BMI is inch loss with safety, not weight loss.


While you plan for the Liposuction Surgery in Thane, make sure to undergo a proper medical checkup to confirm that one is fit enough to be operated upon. So, you will undergo a physical examination, blood tests, X-ray chest, and ECG. An elastic garment made to your measurement will be stitched for you to wear after the surgery. You will be in the hospital for a day or rarely two. After surgery, you will have some swelling and bruising in the areas. Eventually, it will subside by 2 weeks. Some degree of soreness and pain will be there for the first couple of days, which will be much reduced thereafter. Suitable medicines will control this pain. Most people resume their work after 2 to 4 days of rest. The newly stitched elastic garment should be worn under your regular clothes for a couple of months to control the swelling and achieve the final shape, using your skin's elastic properties to advantage.


Of course, a good diet and planned exercise are important, and at Lasercosmesis, we will advise you about the right way to do it. Even after liposuction, there is no option for these two lifestyle changes. But lots of folks need more than that.

One reason why many people get frustrated when trying to lose weight is that there's a limit to how much one can lose by any single method. Diets, exercise, pills all have limited benefits. Moreover, they can suffer from generalised mass loss, including loss of muscle mass that makes a person weak. Furthermore, fat may be reduced from the face, making the person look haggard and old, while unwanted stubborn fat over the belly, arms, thighs stays put, so the shape desired does not materialize!

Only liposuction can do the job of removing only the unwanted fat over the belly, thighs, etc, yet leaving the required fat over the face to preserve the full cheeks of youth. Liposuction Surgery in Thane can remove unwanted love handles, undesirable bulges, and folds. Large volume liposuction can remove several liters of fat at one go.

After liposuction, you will be better positioned to exercise with the removal of the inconvenient folds of fat and much more encouraged and motivated to follow the right diet.


There have been instances where liposuction is done by unqualified practitioners or in unsafe conditions, without proper pre-operative checkup have resulted in complications. Sometimes patients have been discharged in a hurry, but they must be kept in the hospital overnight for observation after surgery in a complicated case.

At Lasercosmesis, we will clear all your doubts and address all your fears one by one before you decide to get treated.

The fact is, liposuction Surgery in Thane is a surgical procedure and, as such, has to be performed with all due care. We have not faced a single fatal complication of a major adverse event in over 25 years of practice. However, we will inform you about the complications that surgeons have occasionally seen in their practice and how we take care to avoid these complications. Even supposing any complication were to actually occur, the key is to diagnose it early and manage it with the right equipment and expertise. We take care to check all the boxes and stick to the right standard of care. The hospital where our patients are operated is fully equipped, even with an ICU, to detect and promptly manage any issue that could rarely arise. To know about Liposuction Surgery Cost in Thane, please feel free to contact us.

FAQs Liposuction Surgery in Thane

What is unique about liposuction at Lasercosmesis?

We provide long-lasting pain relief for the first 24 hrs so that the patient is comfortable
We have fully equipped set up and back up by ICU and senior physicians to look over safety of the patient.

PAL- We use US FDA approved power-assisted MicroAire machine for faster, smoother, and bloodless fat removal. It allows us to remove larger volumes in a shorter time.

What are the complications associated with liposuction surgery?

One rare complication that occasionally has been seen in some hospitals, but not at Lasercosmesis, was embolism. A clot develops in the leg veins and can suddenly dislodge from there and travel to the lung, where it gets stuck, and the patient becomes breathless. This is prevented by not allowing leg veins to clot in the first place. The patient must take short walks regularly before the operation, stop smoking, and must stop taking oral contraceptives for 3 weeks prior. After the operation, just to prevent such a problem, we use a machine to massage the patient's calf and pump blood gently from the leg veins and prevent clots.

Surgical mishaps such as accidental injury to internal organs or intestines during removal of fat by cannula have occasionally been reported from some centers and never occurred at Lasercosmesis. If such a problem does occur, it has to be surgically corrected. Such major problems are exceedingly rare.

Commoner, relatively minor problems are seroma or hematoma, fluid, or blood collections under the skin or muscle. These can be drained by needle if necessary. Otherwise, they resolve on their own.

Rarely, looseness of the skin may remain due to poor skin elasticity. Also, some people have a tendency to form thick scars or keloids at the site of incisions or wounds. Lastly, if any irregularities of shape remain in the treated body area, then corrective action may be needed later.

Liposuction Surgery in Mumbai is a safe operation when performed with due care and precautions. Over the years, plastic surgeons have studied all the issues and defined the safe limits and technique, which should be followed. As a patient, your priority should be to be with a qualified plastic surgeon and follow all instructions sincerely.

Who is an eligible candidate for Liposuction Surgery in Mumbai?

  • Must be above 18 years of age.
  • Must be in a good state of health.
  • Have firm and elastic skin.
  • Have localized fat pockets deposits in certain body areas.
  • Not suffering from medical problems like diabetes or lung disease.
  • Must be determined to follow a healthy diet and exercise routine.

How long does the procedure take?

Liposuction usually takes 1 to 4 hours to perform, depending on the areas to be treated. Liposuction Surgery in Thane is usually done on an outpatient basis, but an overnight hospital stay may be recommended in some situations.

What is the difference between abdominal liposuction and tummy tuck?

A tummy tuck is a major surgical procedure in which liposuction is used to remove fat and removal of excess loose skin and tightening of loose tummy muscles is also performed to achieve a toned tummy shape. The tummy tuck scar is long, though hidden in the groin crease. Tummy tucks needs longer down time.

In abdominal liposuction, the excess fat is removed using liposuction that is a safe procedure and causes less scarring compared to a tummy tuck. But the flip side is that there can be some loose skin. The muscle laxity is not addressed. Many women are happy to have some inch reduction rather than going for a tummy tuck with much longer downtime.

What is a pressure garment?

A pressure garment is a customised garment made from 1 in 4 stretchable elastic lycra fabric. This provides uniform pressure on the area of liposuction and helps mold the shape. This is an essential component of liposuction surgery. Unless the garment is ready, surgery is not undertaken. The garment must be worn for a minimum of three months; the longer, the better results.

Dr. Medha Bhave is an expert and experienced liposuction surgeon practicing at Lasercosmesis. To avail the treatment benefits or to know Liposuction Surgery Cost in Thane, book an appointment today!

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