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Dr. Medha Bhave

MCh - Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, DNB - Plastic Surgery,
MS - General Surgery, DNB - General Surgery, MBBS

Dr. Medha bhave

Best Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr. Medha Bhave is recognised as the Best Plastic Surgeon in Thane practising since 1996. Dr. Medha was born and brought up in the academic city of Pune. She has graduated from the Prestigious B J Medical college, Pune and was amongst the top 10 in her batch. She chose to pursue her career in surgery and did her Masters in General Surgery when very few women made that choice due to the demanding nature of this career.




Dr. Medha’s

Aesthetic Surgery

After completing her Masters Degree, Dr. Medha Bhave, best Cosmetic Surgeon in Mumbai further chose to specialize in Plastic Surgery. She completed M Ch in plastic surgery from Grant Medical College and J J Group of Hospitals, Mumbai. Her thesis was titled “Safety of Liposuction.” The vision of her teacher Dr. Swaran Arora prompted her to work further on the subject when she entered into private practice.

Dr. Medha Bhave, best Female Plastic Surgeon in Mumbai, began her practice as a Plastic Surgeon in Thane in 1996 dealing with maxillofacial injuries, clefts, burns, diabetic foot salvage like most plastic surgeons.

But her passion was aesthetic surgery , especially liposuction and abdominoplasty, which had taken roots in her thesis on liposuction. The wide exposure to plastic surgery problems prepared a base. To top up her experience in liposuction derived from her thesis; when liposuction was not widely available procedure, she honed her skills through conferences, workshops and updates.

Liposuctions And Tummy Tucks

She started doing liposuctions and tummy tucks in 1999 in her own aesthetic clinic which she set up in Thane city— Nitin Speciality Clinic. ( 05/09/1999)

She also started first laser clinic of Thane district in 2002 under the brand name of Lasercosmesis.

Cosmetic surgeries such as Rhinoplasty, Liposuction, Mommy Makeovers, and more are provided by the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Medha Bhave.

Affiliated to Leading Hospitals, Associations and NGOs

She was attached to leading hospitals in Thane and Mulund like Fortis Hospital, Kaushalya Hospital and Lok Hospital and is regarded as the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai. She realized the importance of technology in aesthetic surgical practice and set up the Department of Aesthetic Surgery at Param Hospital as well as the ICU with other passionate and renowned doctors of Thane city. The Multi Speciality Hospital with excellent medical back up allowed her to take up major liposuctions and other cosmetic surgeries like rhinoplasties, face lifts, breast reductions and augmentation. That is why she is considered to be the best Cosmetic Surgeon in Thane.

Dr. Medha Bhave, a well-known Female Cosmetic Surgeon in Mumbai continued to upgrade and equip herself with newer technologies like Ellman Radio Frequency in 2004, Power Assisted Liposuction —Microaire’s PAL in 2008, Multimodal CO2 laser in 2016, not to mention upgrade of other gadgets to latest in the operation theatre.

Today, the Param hospital Operation theatre is very well equipped for all kinds of liposuction, laser surgeries and fat transfer including latest expansion vibration lipo transfer.

She also upgraded her dedicated Aesthetic Clinic, Lasercosmesis on 05/09/2018 to an aesthetically designed pad spread over 2000 sq feet with medi spa, lasers and all non- invasive and injectable treatments which of course are proven to be useful.

Dr. Medha Bhave, best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, has also worked with many associations and NGOs to render voluntary services — medical or administrative.

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Clinic Timings
Mon to Sat : 12:00pm to 7:00pm
Sunday       : Closed

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Dr. Medha's career
and experience

  • Founder of Nitin Speciality Clinic and Lasercosmesis--
    The first laser clinic in Thane since 2000.
  • Founder of well equipped Param Hospital and ICU.
  • Founder Secretary--Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons--
    Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai.
  • National Secretary--Indian Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.
  • Executive member of IMA and other bodies in the past.


  • Visiting professor in Cosmetic Surgery 2018-19 bestowed by Association of Plastic Surgeons of India. This involved demonstration of tubeless tummy tuck at medical colleges.
  • IMA Thane academic excellence award.
  • 25th Hour Award--IMA Thane.


Authored chapters in textbooks on Axillary Breast, quality safety and service in Aesthetic Practice. Contributed articles towards various social issues like SSC examinations, NEET, womens’ issues, environmental issues.


  • Free Camps with Rotary Club, National Burns Hospital, Lifeline Express, SBV and many other organizations.
  • Regular blood donor.
She is very friendly with patients and believes in complete transparency and honesty while sharing information.
Her clinic is open to all irrespective of status, citizenship and financial condition.

Why do patients choose Dr. Medha Bhave?

Cosmetic Surgeon in Mumbai

There are several factors which contribute to one choosing Dr. Medha Bhave

1.An instant rapport. A doctor-patient relationship must be based on healthy and friendly interactions. Especially in the case of surgeons, the patient needs to be fully comfortable before entrusting his or her body to the knife. Otherwise, underlying stress can affect the patient’s ability to relax, get his BP and heart rate up and affect the operation adversely. Dr. Medha is a renowned cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai who tends to strike an immediate vibe with her clients. In fact, many clients do open out to her at the first meeting, and the bond of trust and friendship goes a long way during treatment.

2.Sincerity. Dr. Medha is the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai as she always puts the patient’s interests first. During her 25 years as a plastic surgeon, she has turned down many patients who wanted some surgical procedures done, and Dr. Medha judged those procedures as unsuitable for the client’s health and well-being. Never in the rat race to make money, she believes that earning is a by-product of doing sincere work and never the aim. No false promises, no gimmicks and no hard sell to attract clients are made at Lasercosmesis.

3.Experience. A renowned cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Medha Bhave shares that during her training years, she has worked at some of the prime medical institutes in India under top surgeons and teachers of their era. In these institutes, she has worked long hours without regard to meals and sleep and performed thousands of operations in her practice, on her journey to becoming a role model and teacher for the next-gen plastic surgeons.

4.Creative thinking. Dr. Medha, considers the science of plastic surgery as the basis for creating the best possible solutions to every client’s problems. Rather than considering what surgical technique to apply to a given case, she thinks in terms of the basic principles that help her understand each client’s problem and work out individualized solutions. As a result, she has devised and published original work in the field. She is respected as a “surgeon’s surgeon”, meaning the go-to thinker when junior colleagues face difficult cases.

5.Documented results. In her 25-year career as a plastic surgeon, Dr. Medha has built an enviable, visible collection of excellent results and satisfied clients, making her the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai.

6.Cutting-edge tech. Dr. Medha, the female cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai, has kept abreast with the rapid evolution of technology applied to plastic surgery. Astutely separating the hype from the truth, she has consistently been among the pioneers in introducing genuine technological advances to the Indian plastic surgical arena. She was among the first to introduce erbium YAG lasers, CO2 lasers, power-assisted liposuction, Vaser, and the latest innovation on the block, RF tech "bodytite" and "facetite" equipment.



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Dr. Bhave takes utmost care to put the patient at ease - a rare find in today's medical scenario. She's super responsive to any questions that come to mind and is pleasant and friendly to be with. Bonus points for her hospital staff in Thane - well-trained and courteous. I would certainly recommend her to any of my friends.

--CHITRA   Star

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