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Facial Fat Grafting Surgery in Thane

Novel ideas have always been incorporated to improve the outcomes for our patients. A newer concept-- to improve facial contours and aging concerns by using your own body fat ---has gained momentum.

Know more about Facial Fat Grafting Surgery in Thane

The idea was put forth quite some time back, but now it is getting perfected. The glitches are far less now. So we can safely apply the technique to our day to day patients and see the results. We have been using fat grafting for improving our outcomes for the past ten years and can now showcase our results. It was the privilege of our plastic surgeon to hold a first clinical meeting on fat grafting in our state attended by many plastic surgeons.

Facial Fat Grafting surgery in Thane involves fat transfer to face. It involve using your own body fat taken out with the help of either syringe or liposuction equipment, processed and then reinjected in tiny parcels into the tissues where it is needed either to fill the area or to improve the quality and color of the tissues.


There are two different types of Facial fat grafting surgery in Mumbai according to the size of the parcels injected and the reason for which the fat grafting is done. When the particle size is bigger, and it is used to fill a certain area, it is called structural or micro fat grafting. When very tiny or almost nano-sized particles are used to refresh the skin and improve the color and softness, it is called nano fat grafting. Rarely pieces of fat tissue and fiber in millimeter size are grafted for filling. This is called core fat grafting. To fill a very large defect, a thin, fibrous layer in the body called fascia with attached fat also can be used. Fat grafting can be done on varied areas of the face. It includes under eye fat transfer, chin fat transfer, jawline, etc. Fat filler is used for fat transfer for under eyes and chin fat filler can be used to get the best results.


There are many technologies used in facial fat grafting surgery in Mumbai which require special cannulae, manual and automatic centrifuge, power-assisted lipo machine. Lasercosmesis, the best plastic surgery clinic in Thane, is fully equipped with everything at their Param Hospital set up. Manual as well as expansion vibration technologies are used for the fat injections in face after proper processing. We also have a powered infiltrator with a completely closed system for injection without exposure of the fat to the air as is desirable. So, those who are searching for facial fat transfer near me can easily reach out to Lasercosmesis. The expert surgeon, Dr. Medha Bhave is known for providing the best facial grafting that has helped many in achieving the desired outcomes.


1. Scars- People suffering from acne scars, burns scars, thickened injury or operation scars, and other types of scars can benefit from fat grafting. Usually, a combination of micro and nano fat works to fill the scars, improve the color, texture, pliability, and softness. In acne, a needle is used to lift the stuck skin and release the scar tissue, which in turn, can be filled with fat graft. Burns scar colour, softness and pliability improves after fat grafting

2. Face- i) The volume loss of aging can be filled with Facial fat grafting surgery in Mumbai. This loss is on the cheeks , eyelids or temples. A small retruded chin also can be improved; though it is not a substitute for a chin implant. secondary nose or scar corrections are also possible.
ii) There are patients who have mild facial asymmetry where one side is less developed than the other. such symmetries can be improved very well. In the past such asymmetries were addressed with plastic surgical flap methods that did not give natural results. with fat grafting results are very natural, there are no donor area scars.
iii) Total facial rejuvenation with nano fat grafting, correction of neck and forehead lines can be done. This may be in combination with a face lift or botox. the glow imparted to the face is long lasting and improves quality of the skin as well

3. Breas-t- For correction of asymmetries, improving cleavages after implants, filling the breas-t undeveloped due to burns are some uses of the fat grafts. Fat grafting refines the results in any type of breas-t surgery, be it enhancement or a lift.

4. Stretch marks- The stretch marks are the broken undersurface of the skin ( dermis). These are very difficult to treat with a single method. A combination of fat grafting, lasers and creams helps to a large extent.

5. But-tock lift- A brazilian butt lift with expansion vibration lipofilling ( EVL) done at our place gives a high graft take with good result with one sitting. The second sitting becomes optional instead of mandatory unless a really significant size is desired by the patient. At least the extensiveness of the second sitting reduces largely. EVL allows successful transfer of larger volumes with good take.

6. Irregularities after liposuction and cellulite correction- Sometimes after liposuction depressions, dips and dents may be left behind. These can be improved with fat grafting.

7. As a facial filler- Fat graft can be used as a facial filler almost everywhere where a filler is used. It also helps improve dark circles

What should I expect in the pre and post op period ?

Basically a facial fat grafting surgery in Mumbai always requires more than one sitting. So be prepared for sessions which may be spaced at a gap of 3-6 months. Those who have finally decided to get facial grafting done and are wondering how much a facial fat grafting cost or how much fat injections in face cost must book an appointment at our clinic to get a detailed estimate.

Your diet is important and you should not starve after the surgery.
avoid putting pressure on the operated area.

Do expect a lot of initial swelling. it disappears over three months to reveal the true result. So what looks wonderful initially is going to be less after three months. That is the reason why more sittings are needed for a long lasting result. Once achieved the results are very lasting, yet subject to aging changes especially in the face.

do discuss with your aesthetic plastic surgeon about the initial bruising, which later turns yellowish and disappears by 3 weeks, so that you can plan your leave and work schedule. you may use cover- up makeup to camouflage the facial bruises in the meantime.

Fat grafting is a very rewarding new advance and the reasons for doing fat grafting are widening. Do contact an aesthetic plastic surgeon if you have any unsolved aesthetic issue. Those who are looking for facial fat grafting near me should consult our renowned surgeon at Lasercosmesis for the best Facial Fat Grafting Surgery in Thane. It may be just the right solution for you.

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