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Mommy Makeover Surgery in Thane

Receiving your bundle of joy after the pregnancy washes away all the discomforts and troubles faced during pregnancy. After the baby starts growing up as one starts resuming their routine work and profession, they feel that they are not efficiency, energetic, and realize that they have lost their vitality that came with the slim, well-contoured body one had before pregnancy. From the stretch marks to droopy or empty breasts to widened waist and loose, lax tummy, the ravages of pregnancy make one wonder whether one can at all hope for the healthy body that was before.

The abdominal laxity not only prevents one’s old wardrobe from being reused, but it simply becomes a drag as one rushes to do daily chores. Even while moving in social circles, the large tummy is misinterpreted, which is not exactly flattering.

The same is the story for the breasts. During pregnancy, the breasts are prepared for milk production. Under the influence of hormones, they may enlarge enormously and do not reduce. In many places in India, it is customary not to wear a bra during lactation, which compounds the issue. Or they may just deflate and hang empty. Apart from looks, it is the inconvenience caused by hanging breasts that bothers the lady. They cause drag on the shoulder and back, collection of moisture under the breasts, rashes, and sometimes fungal infection. No bra can hold the breasts to make a woman comfortable enough unless used continuously during and after the pregnancy.

Another blemish of pregnancy is melasma, the butterfly-shaped pigmentation that appears on the cheeks. It is due to hormonal stimulation and quite resistant to treatment. There can be pigmentation on the tummy or other areas of the body.

The stretching of delivery causes loosening of the private parts. This can cause issues in marital relations. All these can be improved with various non-surgical and surgical treatments that are proven over the years.

At Lasercosmesis, we specialise in tubeless tummy tuck with abdominal contouring using a power-assisted device. For those who do not wish to undergo a tummy tuck, due to the essential rest period required, liposuction can be considered. If the muscles are reasonably toned and the mom can accept a slightly less flat tummy, liposuction is a good option that eases the movements and activity. Simultaneous liposuction of hips and inner thighs can help you fit in your old jeans and eliminate the irritating rubbing of the inner thighs and the rashes.
Large breasts can be reduced and lifted while the empty ones can be lifted and augmented. This makes life comfortable for women, even older ladies who cannot jog due to heavy breasts find it much easier to exercise and stay healthy.

Melasma is difficult to treat and often comes back once the treatment is stopped. But newer modalities like Q switched Nd YAG laser combined with Fractional CO2 laser, chemical peels, mesotherapy help to a large extent. This needs to be supplemented by regular use of sunscreen, moisturizers, and nutritional supplements.

Laxity of tissues is a common aftermath of pregnancy and delivery. For tightening of the skin, highly focalised ultrasound (HIFU) and radiofrequency do help. The tightening of private parts is a largely ignored aspect of female hygiene in our country. Laxity causing itching, irritation, darkening, and sometimes leakage can be troublesome to a woman. Difficulty in daily life is tolerated, as many women are too shy to share the problem. At Lasercosmesis, you will have the best plastic | cosmetic surgeons in Mumbai, Thane , who listen to you and suggest tightening treatments as per the extent of your problem. This improves female hygiene with CO2 laser, and maybe with or without a surgical tightening procedure. Improvement in marital relations is a desirable by-product. The comfort and security felt by the treated lady are immense.

In the twenty-first century, women need not suffer as previous generations did. Childbirth need not leave them in the lurch and obstruct smooth daily life. They can get back into the old clothes and flaunt their taut and fit selves. Mommy Makeover Surgery Cost in Mumbai is quite affordable. The mommy makeover is a transformation to a fit, healthy, and active motherhood. Motherhood and profession can go hand in hand without any compromise or set back.

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