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Skin Tightening Treatment in Thane

Age is merely a number, but this number leaves footprints everywhere. The face is the first victim to the timestamp of aging.


A beautifully taut skin highlights the contours carved by facial bones, giving a chiselled appearance to an individual. With a team of attackers including age, sun damage, and gravity, the ravages start appearing- usually around the eyes first and then around the chin and the cheeks. Add to that weight fluctuations, stress, and habits such as smoking and drinking, and gradually a downhill road to aging starts unfolding. Old friends need to strain their memories to remember you when you meet them after a decade or two. The mirror surprises you as much too; because you don’t recognise the friend in the mirror opposite you as well. Connect with Dr. Medha Bhave, the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai, to experience personalized care & avail the best results of Skin Tightening Treatment in Thane.

Why choose Lasercosmesis for Tightening Treatments?

  • Customized and modular treatments.
  • Complete array of gadgets.
  • 3D evaluation and visualization of expected probable result.
  • Well-equipped operation set up in ICU backed hospital.
  • We can offer a safe and sound treatment for your tightening needs.
  • Holistic approach.
  • Dermatology back up.


  • Carved or chiseled look.
  • Improved neckline.
  • Make one look a few years younger than they actually are.
  • Restoration of youthful and fuller apperance from age related hollow midface.
  • Fresh look, eliminating the appearance of tiredness, anger, melancholy or alcoholism.
  • Improvement in skin texture, dullness, and saggy skin.
  • Improvement in the wrinkles, naso labial folds, jowls, and double chin.
  • Improved vision in patients with severe upper lid folds.


1. Non-surgical treatments

a. Energy-based devices:

These devices exert their beneficial effects by delivering heat energy to the tissues. These include highly focalised ultrasound (HIFU) or radiofrequency. Both these heat the deeper tissues without burning the skin. This heating leads to collagen and elastin tissue formation, thickening the thinned skin, and tightening it. This is an outpatient procedure performed at Lasercosmesis.
We apply a cooling get after cleaning the part to be treated and deliver the treatment according to the norms fed in the computerised machine. There may be slight discomfort during the procedure, especially on the bony prominences during HIFU treatment. In RF treatment, there is a feeling of warmth. The more you tolerate, the better effect you get. We can modify the heat according to your comfort. After the procedure, the part is cleaned, a soothing mask is applied and you are ready to leave. It can really be a lunchtime job. There can be slight redness visible. You can feel the effect immediately, but the improvement continues for 3-4 weeks. If you go for a second sitting around that time, the effect can last long. The best results take about 3 months to be seen and appreciated. It is important to note that your skin's touch improves from thin worn-out skin to a thicker, plumper one. The skin becomes googly woogly indeed.

b. Fractional CO2 laser:

Lasers like fractional CO2 make multiple tiny puncture holes in the skin. The laser has a computerised scanner to deliver the right amount of energy without burning the skin. Heat gives a good tightening effect, but it can cause pigmentation in dark skin types. A similar effect in a darker skin can be achieved with dermapen or dermaroller in which multiple tiny pins are used. This is helpful in dark skin, where pigmentation due to heating needs to be avoided.
The lasers and dermapen/rollers are done under surface anaesthesia. We apply a numbing cream after cleaning your face. After 30 minutes, the treatment is delivered. Lasers are done in a special laser room. Eye protection is a must for both the doctor and the patient. The skin is pre-cooled. Pre-cooling is not required in the case of the dermapen/rollers. There are multiple tiny wounds on the face with the size of needle pricks. There can be punctate bleeding on the face. We apply a cooling mask to the face and then an antiseptic cream. You need a downtime of minimum 2-3 days. In the case of lasers, there can be a mesh of dark spots that comes off after 3-4 days leaving pinkish new skin. After the skin heals, sunscreens are a must. A moisturiser and sunscreen with good SPF are essential in aftercare.

c. Chemical peels:

Peels remove the dead skin and thicken it and tighten it. Deep peels like TCA can give a good tightening effect as well. Medical grade acids are used to treat the face for a calculated amount of time. These are then removed or neutralised leaving the skin fresh. It is essential to use sunscreen after the peel. The final effect of the peel is seen after 2-3 weeks. It has to be boosted after a month for effective and long-lasting improvement. In any case, follow up, or maintenance peels are necessary. Peels are a good option for younger patients with sun damage or older patients who require maintenance of other treatments like neurotoxin injections, fillers, or facelift surgery.
Rarely peels can cause hyperpigmentation called PIH (irritation of the skin due to peel causes it to turn dark). It is important to get medical-grade pure peels to minimise the chance of such events.

2. Semi-invasive treatments (Injectables)

a. Fillers:

Fillers support the facial skin at strategic points and help to lift. They also replenish the lost volume and thus ‘take up’ a mild laxity. Fillers are synthetic, but they are made up of materials similar to the ones found in the body. They are designed to stay in the body for long without causing trouble. The body does slowly break them down, and after a predictable time, the effect of fillers wanes.The type of filler chosen depends on the area to be treated and effect to be achieved. fillers with higher density and used for deeper areas like temples, nasolabial folds.
The injections are slightly painful, but a surface ananesthesia and a vibrator for pain relief are used at Lasercosmesis, the best plastic surgery clinic in Thane, to ease the pain. Massage should be avoided in the injected area for a few days until filler settles.

b. Neurotoxins:

Sculpting the face with neurotoxins like Botox and Nabota is an interesting idea. It works quite well in mild to moderate cases and slimmer faces. The neurotoxin causes relaxation of some tight muscles that hold the skin tight. The tightness of the muscle causes bunching and appearance of laxity at the other end. Once this pulling muscle relaxes, the skin can drape better or gets lifted and smoothened. A good example is the drooping corners of the mouth. With aging, the muscle that pulls the lower lip down in a sad grin pulls the corners of the mouth down even at rest. It makes you look sad and grumpy all the time. It also allows bunching up of skin at jowls. Injection of neurotoxin in these muscles allows the smile muscles to restore the corners by pulling them up. It improves the appearance. The same is the case for loose skin along the jaw border, which leads to obscuring the jawline. A Nefertiti lift is done to relax the neck muscles pulling the skin down and the neck gets sculpted by mere redraping of the skin.
The procedure is done in our outpatient clinic. You are asked to animate your face so that we can identify the culprit, overactive muscles and mark them. We can apply surface anaesthesia if you are wary of even a tiny prick by a thirty gauge needle. These are usually painless injections, and we also use a vibrator for relief. The procedure typically takes a maximum of about 30 minutes, depending on areas to be injected.
The most important precaution after the procedure is to avoid massage and too much animation of the injected area. The effect takes about 3 weeks to be visible and will last from 6 to 8 months.
side effects of neurotoxin injections are rare. Rarely there can be allergy or headache after injection. Only symptomatic treatment is required. To know more about botox, google the site of the US FDA about botox.

c. Threads:

The advent of threads with barbs and lately cones has really changed the approach in tightening procedures. Mildly lax and moderately thin skin can be lifted well with the threads. Threads are best suited for you if you are between 30 to 50 yrs of age and have prominent nasolabial folds, jowls, and lax skin near the jawline. These threads are also made up of the material that lasts for long in the body without causing irritation or side effects. The commonly used threads are made up of PDO, an absorbable material. The absorption occurs over 9 months.
Non absorbable threads like prolene, silicon, polyester or PLL. They have tiny barbs or cogs which penetrate the deeper part of the skin and tissues. The thickness, length, and diameter are pretty standard. The number of threads used decides the degree of effectiveness.
Threads can be done under local anaesthesia and still have a long-lasting effect. This is the main reason for the popularity of thread lift procedure. This can be the best choice for parents of the bride or groom for a one-time procedure for the occasion.
A small cut is made above the ears in the temple area. Loops of barbed thread are inserted with the help of long needles that traverse from the incision to the fold to be corrected and back. As the threads are pulled back, they engage the tissue pulling it up with them. There is some bruising, redness, and swelling after the procedure. Downtime of 2-3 days and mild pain should be expected. It may be required to postpone social engagements for a fortnight or so.
An interesting use of threads can be in a non-surgical rhinoplasty or nose job. This is safer than fillers and lasts alonger as well.

d. Mesotherapy are some of the options available. In the needleless mesotherapy available at Lasercosmesis, we have nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals that are allowed to enter the skin by facilitating penetration. It is a painless method used for tightening, brightening as well as lightening of the skin using relevant medical grade solutions.
For Skin tightening treatment in Thane, customized combination treatments are most desirable especially by non-invasive methods. Each of these methods gives temporary improvement to a reasonable extent, and you need to maintain the results.

3. Operation:

For long-lasting results with significant improvement, one can opt for surgery if one is willing to undergo an operation. The operation requires downtime, and you are willing to spare the time. This is the gold standard treatment for skin tightening.
There is no age limit for this surgery unless there are medical problems. Some of the procedures like eyelid correction with blepharoplasty or eyebrow lift can also be done under local anaesthesia. You need to discuss the following points with the surgeon:

Area of concern

  • Improvement expected.
  • Anaesthesia required.
  • Medical problems you have and medications you are taking.
  • Place for cuts which will become future scars.
  • Shift of any normal features due to scars- for example, shifting of sideburns in case of pre-auricular facelift.
  • Post-operative downtime and pressure garments.
  • Time for visits and stitch removal.
  • Common complications of the procedure with the chance observed so far.

Various options among facelift procedures are:

1. Preauricular facelift- Through this cut in front of the ear, many different types of operations can be done to tighten your neck as well as face depending upon the type of laxity you have and the surgeon’s choice and experience of the procedure. We at Lasercosmesis also add some fat graft to restore the lost cheek volume, if any, and use lasers and fat injections to rejuvenate the skin.

2. MACS lift- In this, a short cut is made in the temple, and in front of the ear, and looped stitches are put in order to pick up tissue slack.

3. Midface and brow lift- These are typically combined with upper and lower eyelid correction surgery. We find this useful in our Indian patients as good improvement in nasolabial folds is possible with this. The scars are hidden in the eyelids.

4. Neck plasty- This is done through a separate small incision under the chin to take care of loose central skin and muscle laxity.


The commonest areas affected in Indian patients are under eyes, prominent folds around the mouth, jowls, and the double chin. Men can grow a beard to hide aging around the mouth. But ladies have no such option. The eyes convey the wrong impression about being tired or alcoholic. Some develop hollow faces giving the appearance of ill health like a mummy. For those in the show biz or hospitality business, it becomes a challenge that needs to be tackled to maintain the career graph they deserve. Nowadays a good appearance is crucial to any work or job you do. Even for those staying home, looking and feeling healthy, cheerful and enthusiastic is vital to relationships and life. older individuals should realise that taking out upper eyelid folds suddenly makes the feel lighter and brighter as weight is taken off the tiny eyelid muscle. In India, what is dubbed and dismissed as cosmetic, is in fact mostly a treatment useful to make you healthy.

The droopy eye brows and furrowed brow can be improved and this reduces eye strain.
The Skin tightening treatment in Mumbai for areas around the eyelids can reduce wrinkles; get rid of baggy eyelids and dark circles. Sometimes lax and droopy eyelids can make the opening of the eye rather difficult. Such patients tend to open eyes by arching the eyebrows. This can cause forehead wrinkles. After removal of this heavy skin fold on the upper lid, it is possible to open eyes without effort.

The cheeks also sag, leading to the flattening and hollowness of the cheeks, and a deep groove called tear trough also forms in the lower eyelid--cheek junctional area. These can be improved significantly by treatment and help in restoring beauty.
The double chin that makes a face look bulky can be sculpted with this treatment. Jowls' appearance can be greatly improved.
The age at which Skin tightening treatment in Mumbai can help may start around 35 years. Sometimes even younger patients have these issues and can be treated to look fresh and their own age.
The tightening treatments are best started well in time, so less aggressive treatments can work.
These are always composite treatments using a combination of surgery and/or technology of different types to address various layers of the face.

To know about Skin Tightening Treatment Cost in Thane, please feel free to contact us.

FAQs Skin Tightening Treatment in Thane

Am I the right candidate for Skin tightening treatment in Mumbai?

It is really difficult to choose procedures from a plethora of the options available for tightening procedures. Every procedure had not only ups and downs but limitations.

At Lasercosmesis, we first understand your requirement in terms of:

  • Area of concern
  • Downtime available for you
  • Degree of improvement you desire

Then we explain various options with flipsides and limitations.
Thus we help you consciously choose a procedure with a full understanding about the expected results.

How do i know how I am likely to look after the treatment?

For facelift and eyelid corrections, we also offer 3D face simulation with Crisalix software we have in our repertoire.

What are the precuations before and after the treatments?

Before--Usually a priming cream , a face wash, a neutraceuticle supplements are advised for some time before the treatment is undertaken for the first time.

After--Sunscreen with good SPF is a must. suitable creams, face wash are given to maintain the results. With a complete array of gadgets and well-equipped operation set up in ICU backed hospital, we can offer a safe and sound treatment for your tightening needs.

To get a youthful look and to know about Skin Tightening Treatment Cost in Mumbai, consult today with an expert at Lasercosmesis.

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