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Dimple Creation Surgery in Thane

There is a trending desire for a sweet and enchanting smile among youth of the current era. Smiles need to be soulful with a twinkle in the eyes to be appreciated. The beauty and charm of the smile depends on a few factors---the aesthetics of the lips, the colour, uniformity and the size of the teeth and to top it all---a lovely dimple on one or both the cheeks. Dimples bring about the appearance of innocence. Few hearts would fail to melt before a dimpled smile. And that's actually true even for men.

What is a dimple?

Will you be surprised if you know that the dimple is actually a defect in the smile muscle ? The muscle that runs from the cheek bones to a pulley behind the corner of the mouth under the skin may have a gap. When the muscle shortens during a smile, the cheek skin is pulled up. Now the place where the defect is located, looks like a crater on the surface of the skin--which is in fact the dimple that you see. So when we create a dimple we need to create a defect in the normal muscle you have. No worries, there are no side effects. At Lasercosmesis, Dr. Medha Bhave, the best plastic surgeon in Mumbai offers the best Dimple Creation Surgery in Mumbai.

Why choose Lasercosmesis for Dimple Creation?

  • Natural results.
  • No need to get admitted.
  • Can be combined with any other cosmetic procedure.
  • Cosmetic dentistry and smile design available.


First the expected site of the dimple is marked on the cheek, keeping in mind the location of angle of the mouth and the line running through mid-pupil of the eye. You are given a mirror to look at and asked to point to the area where you desire the dimple to be located.The area is marked with indelible ink. A local anaesthesia is given till the lining of the mouth inside. The cut is made vertically inside the mouth, taking care not to injure the duct of the salivary gland which is a little away. The surgeon may or may not remove a portion of the inner lining. A good chunk of the muscle is excised. At this time, if the cheek is bulky, the buccal pad of fat can be removed through the same cut. A stitch to bring together the under surface of the skin, the cut muscle end and the inner lining in one bite on either side is taken. This can be tied over a gauze piece called bolster outside on the cheek. The inner skin is sutured.

Service types

A dimple creation surgery in Thane is not a very major surgery. It can be done under local anaesthesia. It is the choice of the patient to decide whether the dimple should be on one cheek or both. There are many ways to create dimples. Usually a stitch is used to hold a dimple in place for a few days.

Dimple creation surgery in Mumbai can also be combined with other surgeries like a nose job or a chin implant if those are already planned.


Avoid hot and spicy food
Do keep the mouth and the teeth very clean
Do not be in a hurry to get the bolster out
Expect a bit of swelling
Avoid tobacco and smoking as it affects oral health

Am I a candidate ?

If you have fairly slim cheeks, you can easily fulfill your dream of having a dimple creation surgery in Thane. If the cheeks are bulky, then you have the choice of getting buccal fat pad removed and then going for a dimple. Dimple creation can also be part of facial contouring surgery. Even though dimple creation is sought by young patients, the older lot without much skin laxity can also opt for it.

PRE AND POST Operation

Basic tests are done before the operation.
Antiseptic gargles can be started for a few days before, to ensure clean mouth and teeth. Any sharp teeth are treated with our dentist.
You should avoid blood thinning agents like herbs, garlic and pain killers.
After the operation, you should expect some swelling, sometimes bruising and mild discomfort. The down time is due to the bolster. Otherwise no activity is restricted. The mouth has to be kept clean with gargles and gels. A liquid diet can be considered for a day. Later, non -spicy and normal temperature food can be consumed.
The stitch and the bolster can be removed after 3 weeks.
There are no external scars from this procedure.
The dimple is visible after the bolster is removed. Usually it is activated with a smile.
To know more about Dimple Creation Surgery in Thane, please feel free to visit Laser Cosmesis, best plastic surgery Clinic in Thane.

What should I worry about ?

The commonest worry is the disappearance of the dimple. That's fairly common. The time for which the dimple stays is variable. The most worrisome yet rare complication is infection at the site leading to scarring. We take all the precautions to avoid it. Sometimes the duct carrying saliva can be injured. That requies an elaborate treatment. Fortunately it almost never happens in a carefully conducted surgery.

Down time

You are up and about immediately but bolster will be there for 3 weeks which may need compromise in the social life.

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